Yoga Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The Blazar service now supports using a custom CA certificate bundle with the [DEFAULT]/cafile option. This allows for deployment on OpenStack clouds that are using HTTPS endpoints with certificates signed by a custom CA. LP#2045281


New Features

  • The List Allocation and Get Allocation API have been extended to include lease start date and end date along with the reservation.

  • Adds a host resource property discovery API, which allows users to enumerate what properties are available, and current property values. Properties can be made private by operators, which filters them from the public list.

Bug Fixes

  • Updating a lease with invalid parameters (for example, specifying an invalid date range) now has no effect on the lease, where previously this would cause the lease to be set to ERROR status. For more details, see bug 1786031.

  • Allows users of multiple Keystone domains to create leases; previously only users and projects in the default domain could use Blazar.

  • Fixes failure to update reservations when the resource_type parameter is not provided in the API request. For more details, see bug 1957761.

  • Fixes result of the List Allocations API for reservations with multiple physical hosts. For more details, see bug 1958307.

  • Requests to other OpenStack services are now made using the internal interface instead of the public interface. This fixes issues when public endpoints are not reachable by Blazar. For more details, see bug 1960335.

    This can be configured with the following options:

    • [DEFAULT]/endpoint_type to configure the Keystone endpoint type

    • [neutron]/endpoint_type to configure the Neutron endpoint type

    • [nova]/endpoint_type to configure the Nova endpoint type

    • [placement]/endpoint_type to configure the Placement endpoint type