Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Event actions are now retried if they fail. This allows events to be executed successfully even if they are scheduled at the same time as an API operation such as update lease. Operators can configure the number of retries using the [manager]/event_max_retries configuration value.

Bug Fixes

  • Blazar now supports being deployed in a multi-region setup. Operators of OpenStack deployments with multiple regions must set the new configuration option [DEFAULT]/os_region_name. See the configuration reference for more details.

Other Notes

  • Blazar now supports being run under Python 3. The Python 3 and Python 3.5 classifiers have been added.


New Features

  • The resource monitoring feature is available from this release. This feature monitors states of resources in the freepool. If any failure is detected, reservations which suffer from the failure are healed. New flags have been introduced into leases and reservations to indicate health of reserved resources. Resource monitor is plugable and the compute host resource monitor is currently supported. See resource monitoring documentation in detail.

  • Lease status is introduced in this release. With this change, transition graphs of statuses of leases, reservations, and events are redefined while keeping backward compatibility. If you update Blazar from an older version, the lease status is automatically updated from None by an Alembic database migration script. See state machine documentation for more details.

New Features

  • A new Hosts panel is supported in the Reservation group of the Admin dashboard. The following operations are supported:

    • Show a list of hosts

    • Show details of a host

    • Create host(s)

    • Update a host

    • Delete host(s)