Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Blazar gets to support before_end actions. Actions like snapshot can be taken at a specific time prior to the end of a lease. The time which triggers actions can be specified by the API parameter before_end_date and the default interval can be configured by a new configuration option minutes_before_end_lease in the [manager] section. The system default action for physical host plugin can be configured by a new configuration option before_end in the [physical:host] section. It can be also specified by a new API parameter before_end in a reservation. The value of this parameter can be snapshot, default, or blank. A system default action will be taken if default is specified or no before_end parameter included. If blank (“”) is explicitly specified, no action will be taken.

  • The update host API now allows new extra capabilities to be created on existing hosts, in addition to allowing values of existing keys to be modified. However, extra capabilities cannot yet be removed due to lack of API support. As a workaround, operators can delete hosts and recreate them.

  • The physical-host plugin has been changed to force-delete all instances on leased hosts at the end of a lease for preventing failures of other following leases.

  • The new instance reservation feature is available from the Pike release. This feature enables a user to reserve instance slots on hypervisors for future usage. A user creates a lease for an instance reservation prior to creating the instance(s), then a confirmed reservation ensures he/she can create their instances within the reservation period. For detailed usage instructions, please read the Blazar documentation. Known limitation: in the Pike release this feature does not yet support reservations with affinity=True. Use the host reservation feature instead.

  • The lease-update API supports update of reservation properties. e.g. min, max, hypervisor_properties and resource_properties for host reservation.

Upgrade Notes

  • The API parameter before_end_notification has been renamed before_end_date which is used for setting the time for triggering actions before the end of a lease.

  • The configuration option notify_hours_before_lease_end in the [manager] section has been removed. Use a new configuration option minutes_before_end_lease instead. The default value for the configuration option has been changed from 48 hours to 60 minutes.

  • The previous instance reservation plugin, named ‘basic.vm.plugin’ in blazar.conf, is completely removed from Blazar. Deployments including this plugin in blazar.conf must be updated by removing it from the plugins list. Otherwise, the blazar-manager service will fail to start with an exception about invalid plugin names.

Deprecation Notes

  • The on_start and the on_end configs for the physical-host plugin have been removed.