Liberty Series Release Notes


Critical Issues

  • [bug 1533787] Fix an issue where agents are not properly getting registered to group when multiple notification agents are deployed. This can result in bad transformation as the agents are not coordinated. It is still recommended to set heartbeat_timeout_threshold = 0 in [oslo_messaging_rabbit] section when deploying multiple agents.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1542189] Handle malformed resource definitions in gnocchi_resources.yaml gracefully. Currently we raise an exception once we hit a bad resource and skip the rest. Instead the patch skips the bad resource and proceeds with rest of the definitions.

  • [bug 1536699] Patch to fix volume field lookup in meter definition file. In case the field is missing in the definition, it raises a keyerror and aborts. Instead we should skip the missing field meter and continue with the rest of the definitions.

  • [bug 1536498] Patch to fix duplicate meter definitions causing duplicate samples. If a duplicate is found, log a warning and skip the meter definition. Note that the first occurance of a meter will be used and any following duplicates will be skipped from processing.


Critical Issues

  • [bug 1519767] fnmatch functionality in python <= 2.7.9 is not threadsafe. this issue and its potential race conditions are now patched.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1531626] Ensure aggregator transformer timeout is honoured if size is not provided.


Other Notes

  • Start using reno to manage release notes.