Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add availability_zone attribute to gnocchi instance resources. Populates this attribute by consuming instance.create.end events.

Upgrade Notes

  • To take advantage of this new feature you will need to update your gnocchi_resources.yaml file. See the example file for an example. You will need to ensure all required attributes of an instance are specified in the event_attributes.


Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1848286] Enable load balancer metrics by adding the loadbalancer resource type, allowing Gnocchi to capture measurement data for Octavia load balancers.


New Features

  • Add and disk.device.write.latency meters to capture total time used by read or write operations.

  • launched_at/created_at/deleted_at of Nova instances are now tracked.

  • Add support for configuring the size of samples the poller will send in each batch.

  • A new pulisher have been added to push data to Prometheus Pushgateway.

  • Archive policies can now be configured per metrics in gnocchi_resources.yaml. A default list of archive policies is now created by Ceilometer. They are called “ceilometer-low-rate” for all IOs metrics and “ceilometer-low” for others.

  • use memory usable metric from libvirt memoryStats if available.

Known Issues

  • Ceilometer created metrics that could never get measures depending on the polling configuration. Metrics are now created only if Ceilometer gets at least a measure for them.

Upgrade Notes

  • ceilometer-upgrade must be run to build IPMI sensor resource in Gnocchi.

  • batch_size option added to [polling] section of configuration. Use batch_size=0 to disable batching of samples.

  • The deprecated dispatcher_gnocchi option group has been removed.

  • Deprecated rgw.* meters have been removed. Use radosgw.* instead.

  • Ceilometer now creates it own archive policies in Gnocchi and use them to create metrics in Gnocchi. Old metrics kept their current archive policies and will not be updated with ceilometer-upgrade. Only newly created metrics will be impacted. Archive policy can still be overridden with the publisher url (e.g: gnocchi://archive_policy=high).

Deprecation Notes

  • The option batch_polled_samples in the [DEFAULT] section is deprecated. Use batch_size option in [polling] to configure and/or disable batching.

  • cpu_util and *.rate meters are deprecated and will be removed in future release in favor of the Gnocchi rate calculation equivalent.

  • Usage of transformers in Ceilometer pipelines is deprecated. Transformers in Ceilometer have never computed samples correctly when you have multiple workers. This functionality can be done by the storage backend easily without all issues that Ceilometer has. For example, the rating is already computed in Gnocchi today.

  • Pipeline Partitioning is also deprecated. This was only useful to workaround of some issues that tranformers has.

Bug Fixes

  • Ceilometer previously did not create IPMI sensor data from IPMI agent or Ironic in Gnocchi. This data is now pushed to Gnocchi.