Pike Series Release Notes



Network Statistics From OpenDaylight.

New Features

  • Add memory swap metric for VM, including ‘memory.swap.in’ and ‘memory.swap.out’.

  • Because of deprecating the collector, the default publishers in pipeline.yaml and event_pipeline.yaml are now changed using database instead of notifier.

  • Ceilometer supports generic notifier to publish data and allow user to customize parameters such as topic, transport driver and priority. The publisher configuration in pipeline.yaml can be notifer://[notifier_ip]:[notifier_port]?topic=[topic]&driver=driver&max_retry=100 Not only rabbit driver, but also other driver like kafka can be used.

  • In the ‘publishers’ section of a meter/event pipeline definition, https:// can now be used in addition to http://. Furthermore, either Basic or client-certificate authentication can be used (obviously, client cert only makes sense in the https case). For Basic authentication, use the form http://username:password@hostname/. For client certificate authentication pass the client certificate’s path (and the key file path, if the key is not in the certificate file) using the parameters ‘clientcert’ and ‘clientkey’, e.g. https://hostname/path?clientcert=/path/to/cert&clientkey=/path/to/key. Any parameters or credentials used for http(s) publishers are removed from the URL before the actual HTTP request is made.

  • Add a ceilometer driver to collect network statistics information using REST APIs exposed by network-statistics module in OpenDaylight.

  • Add support for network statistics meters with gnocchi

  • A new option named max_parallel_requests is available to control the maximum number of parallel requests that can be executed by the agents. This option also replaces the poolsize option of the HTTP publisher.

  • The tenant (project) discovery code in the polling agent now scans for tenants in all available domains.

  • Support loading multiple meter definition files and allow users to add their own meter definitions into several files according to different types of metrics under the directory of /etc/ceilometer/meters.d.

  • Add a new publisher for pushing samples or events to a Zaqar queue.

Upgrade Notes

  • Add a tool for migrating metrics data from Ceilometer’s native storage to Gnocchi. Since we have deprecated Ceilometer API and the Gnocchi will be the recommended metrics data storage backend.

  • Ceilometer now leverages the latest distribution mechanism provided by the tooz library. Therefore the options coordination.retry_backoff and coordination.max_retry_interval do not exist anymore.

Deprecation Notes

  • Collector is no longer supported in this release. The collector introduces lags in pushing data to backend. To optimize the architecture, Ceilometer push data through dispatchers using publishers in notification agent directly.

  • Allow users to add additional exchanges in ceilometer.conf instead of hardcoding exchanges. Now original http_control_exchanges is being deprecated and renamed notification_control_exchanges. Besides, the new option is integrated with other exchanges in default EXCHANGE_OPTS to make it available to extend additional exchanges.

  • Kafka publisher is deprecated to use generic notifier instead.

  • Deprecating support for enabling pollsters via command line. Meter and pollster enablement should be configured via polling.yaml file.

  • Previously deprecated kwapi meters are not removed.

  • Usage of pipeline.yaml for polling configuration is now deprecated. The dedicated polling.yaml should be used instead.

  • The pipeline dynamic refresh code has been removed. Ceilometer relies on the cotyledon library for a few releases which provides reload functionality by sending the SIGHUP signal to the process. This achieves the same feature while making sure the reload is explicit once the file is correctly and entirely written to the disk, avoiding the failing load of half-written files.

Bug Fixes

  • The transport_url defined in [oslo_messaging_notifications] was never used, which contradicts the oslo_messaging documentation. This is now fixed.

Other Notes

  • Ship YAML files to ceilometer/pipeline/data/ make it convenient to update all the files on upgrade. Users can copy yaml files from /usr/share/ceilometer and customise their own files located in /etc/ceilometer/.