Stein Series Release Notes



Added new tool ceilometer-status upgrade check.

New Features

  • New framework for ceilometer-status upgrade check command is added. This framework allows adding various checks which can be run before a Ceilometer upgrade to ensure if the upgrade can be performed safely.

Upgrade Notes

  • Operator can now use new CLI tool ceilometer-status upgrade check to check if Ceilometer deployment can be safely upgraded from N-1 to N release.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1848286] Enable load balancer metrics by adding the loadbalancer resource type, allowing Gnocchi to capture measurement data for Octavia load balancers.


New Features

  • Add new json output option for the existing file publisher.

  • new metrics are available for snmp polling hardware.cpu.user, hardware.cpu.nice, hardware.cpu.system, hardware.cpu.idle, hardware.cpu.wait, hardware.cpu.kernel, hardware.cpu.interrupt. They replace deprecated hardware.cpu.util and hardware.system_stats.cpu.idle.

Upgrade Notes

  • Remove deprecated option batch_polled_samples.

  • The deprecated disk.* meters have been removed. Use the disk.device.* meters instead.

  • The deprecated meter for compute where removed:

    • disk.write.requests.rate


    • disk.write.bytes.rate


    • disk.device.write.requests.rate


    • disk.device.write.bytes.rate

  • The deprecated meter_definitions_cfg_file option has been removed.

  • The deprecated workload partitioning for notification agent has been removed.

  • The notifier publisher options metering_topic and event_topic are deprecated and will be removed. Use the topic query parameter in the notifier publisher URL instead.

  • The support for transformers has been removed from the pipeline.

Deprecation Notes

  • The Ceilometer event subsystem and pipeline is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • metrics hardware.cpu.util and hardware.system_stats.cpu.idle are now deprecated. Other hardware.cpu.* metrics should be used instead.