Ocata Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1616105] Only log the response body when the Content-Type header is set to application/json. This avoids logging large binary objects (such as images). Other Content-Type will not be logged. Additional Content-Type strings can be added as required.

  • The X-Service-Token header value is now properly masked, and is displayed as a hash value, in the log.



Allow adding client and application name and version to the session and adapter that will generate a userful user agent string.

New Features

  • You can specify a app_name and app_version when creating a session. This information will be encoded into the user agent.

  • You can specify a client_name and client_version when creating an adapter. This will be handled by client libraries and incluced into the user agent.

  • Libraries like shade that modify the way requests are made can add themselves to additional_user_agent and have their version reflected in the user agent string.

Deprecation Notes

  • We suggest you fill the name and version for the application and client instead of specifying a custom user_agent. This will then generate a standard user agent string.