Queens Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1733052] Now the version discovery mechanism only fetches the version info from server side if the versioned url has been overrode. So that the request url’s path won’t be changed completely.


New Features

  • [blueprint application-credentials] Support for authentication via an application credential has been added. Keystoneauth can now be used to authenticate to Identity servers that support application credentials.

  • [blueprint system-scope] Keystoneauth now has the ability to authenticate for system-scoped tokens, which were implemented during the Queens development cycle. System-scoped tokens will eventually be required to separate system-level APIs from project-level APIs, allowing for better security via scoped RBAC.


New Features

  • A new none auth plugin is added with purpose to simplify loading clients from configuration file options. It does not accept any arguments and sets the token to ‘notused’. It does not have any endpoint/url associated with it, and thus must be used together with adapter.Adapter’s endpoint_override option to instantiate a session for client to a service that is deployed in noauth/standalone mode.