Train Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1838704] When consuming keystoneauth1.session.Session, if a requests session is not provided one is created. The Session used for requests may result in a ResourceWarning being generated if it is not properly closed. The code has been updated to close the session correctly when the Session object is deleted.


Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1876317] The v3 authentication plugins now attempt to add /v3 to the token path if it’s not present on the authentication URL.


New Features

  • [bug 1839748] Keystoneauth now supports MFA authentication and Auth Receipts. Responses from Keystone containing and auth receipt will now raise a MissingAuthMethods exception which will contain the auth receipt itself, and information about the missing methods. There are now also ways to easily do more than one method when authenticating to Keystone and those have been documented.


New Features

  • Allows configuring fixed retry delay for connection and status code retries via the new parameters connect_retry_delay and status_code_retry_delay accordingly.


New Features

  • Fix handling of HTTP error payloads that conform to the API SIG formatting guidelines.

  • The X-Openstack-Request-Id header can now be set per-request via a global_request_id kwarg to Adapter and Session request methods (request(), get(), put(), etc.)

  • The Adapter parameters connect_retries and status_code_retries can now be set via configuration options connect-retries and status-code-retries accordingly.

Bug Fixes

  • Add logic to handle HTTP error responses that do not conform to a known schema.

  • The retry interval for retries enabled by connect_retries and status_code_retries is now limited at 60 seconds. Previously it would grow exponentially.