Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added support for specifying a microversion to use on a given REST request. The microversion can be specified on session request calls and a default can be set on Adapter construction.

  • Added support for the API Working Group recommendations on service and version discovery. New methods on Session and Adapter, “get_endpoint_data” will return endpoint metadata including microversion information. Additionally, versions can be requested with a range and with the string “latest”, and interface values can be given as a list in case a user wants to express a ‘best available’ set of preferences.



Allow setting EndpointReference in ADFSPassword

New Features

  • Add the ability to specify the WS-Policy EndpointReference used in the ADFSPassword plugin’s RequestSecurityToken message via the ‘service-provider-entity-id’ option. Also added ‘identity-provider-url’ option which was required, but missing from option list.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1689424] Allow setting EndpointReference in ADFSPassword.


New Features

  • A new flag allow_version_hack was added to identity plugins and the adapter which will allow a client to opt out of making guesses at the version url page of a service. This means that if a deployment is misconfigured and the service catalog contains a versioned endpoint that does not match the requested version the request will fail. This will be useful in beginning to require correctly deployed catalogs rather than continue to hide the problem.