Rocky Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1733052] Now the version discovery mechanism only fetches the version info from server side if the versioned url has been overrode. So that the request url’s path won’t be changed completely.


New Features

  • Addes support for retrying certain HTTP status codes when doing requests via the new status_code_retries and retriable_status_codes parameters for Session and Adapter.


New Features

  • Added collect_timing option to keystoneauth1.session.Session. The option, which is off by default, causes the Session to collect API timing information for every call it makes. Methods get_timings and reset_timings have been added to allow getting and clearing the data.

  • Added split-loggers option to the oslo.config Session options.

  • Exposed as a public function that can be used to determine if a given version is within a range.


Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1766235] Fixed an issue where passing headers in as bytes rather than strings would cause a sorting issue.


Bug Fixes

  • The docstring for keystoneauth1.session.Session.get_all_version_data correctly listed 'public' as the default value, but the argument list had None. The default has been fixed to match the documented value.


New Features

  • Added a ‘status’ field to the EndpointData object which contains a canonicalized version of the information in the status field of discovery documents.

  • Added support for service-type aliases as defined in the Service Types Authority when doing catalog lookups.