Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • NetApp cMode driver - configured VLAN will be deleted on Vserver removal

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hitachi HNAS driver not cleaning up data in backend when failing to create a share from snapshot.

  • Fixed the generation of options in the correct option groups. Using the config generator (tox -e genconfig), [cinder], [nova] and [neutron] options are now generated in the right groups instead of [default].

  • For a delete snapshot request, if backend reports that snapshot is busy then state of snapshot is changed to ‘error_deleting’.

  • In cephfs_native driver, fixed client eviction call during access denial.

  • User_id and project_id DB fields are extended to also support LDAP setups.

  • Hitachi HNAS driver now reports dedupe capability and it can be used in extra-specs to choose a HNAS file system that has dedupe enabled when creating a manila share on HNAS.

  • Consistency Group APIs return share_server_id information correctly to administrators.

  • When using a consistency group snapshot to create another consistency group, share server and network information is persisted from the source consistency group to the new consistency group.

  • Crash when using unconfined filesystems in HDS HNAS driver using SSH backend.

  • HDS HNAS Driver no longer mounts unmounted filesystems automatically.

  • Fixed Hitachi HNAS driver allowing a share to be managed twice through a malformed export location parameter.

  • Fixed error when allowing access to a managed share in HDS HNAS driver.

  • Fixed error when attempting to create a new share from a snapshot taken from a managed share in HDS HNAS driver.

  • Fixed ID inconsistencies in log when handling managed shares in HDS HNAS driver.

  • force-delete API requests for snapshots are now propagated to the manila-share service and will not fail even if share drivers cannot remove the snapshots on the storage backend.


New Features

  • Added APIs for listing export locations per share and share instances.

  • Added driver for Tegile IntelliFlash arrays.

  • Manage and unmanage snapshot.

  • Shares can be replicated. Replicas can be added, listed, queried for detail, promoted to be ‘active’ or removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • Removed ‘export_location’ and ‘export_locations’ attributes from share and share instance views starting with microversion ‘2.9’.