Train Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Share type extra-specification share_backend_name is now ignored when creating share replicas. This ensures that backends in the same replication domain need not have the same value of share_backend_name. See launchpad bug #1634734 for details.

  • The NetApp ONTAP driver is now fixed to allow extension and shrinking of share replicas after they get promoted.

  • Fixed an issue with the Dell EMC Unity driver to work with a management IP configured in IPv6 format.

  • Fixed unexpected behavior when updating a share network’s neutron_net_id or neutron_subnet_id. Now, Manila does not allow updating a share network that does not contain a default subnet.



Added Manila share driver for Infortrend storage systems.

Add Inspur InStorage driver.

New Features

  • The name, description and/or share_type_access:is_public attributes of share types can be updated with API version 2.50 and beyond.

  • IPv6 support for CephFS Manila driver with NFS gateway.

  • For glusterfs_nfs driver, added share extend/shrink support.

  • The new Infortrend driver supports GS/GSe Family storage systems.

  • Add new Inspur InStorage driver, support share create, delete, extend, and access through NFS and CIFS protocol.

  • The NetApp driver now supports replication with driver_handles_share_servers set to True, in addition to the mode where the driver does not handle the creation and management of share servers. For replication to work across ONTAP clusters, clusters must be peered in advance.

  • Added revert to snapshot support for NexentaStor5 driver.

  • Added manage existing support for NexentaStor5 driver.

  • Rebrand from VMAX to PowerMax includes changing of tag names, directory structure, file names and documentation.

  • Added APIs with default policy set to ‘rule:default’ that allow the creation of share networks with multiple subnets. This gives the users the ability to create multiple subnets in a share network for different availability zones. Also, users will be able to delete and show existing subnets.

  • Updated the share server API to make possible to manage share servers in a specific subnet when the driver is operating in driver_handles_share_servers enabled mode.

  • Share servers are now associated with a single share network subnet, which pertain to a share network.

  • Dell EMC Unity Manila driver now supports the mode in which it does not itself create and destroy share servers (DHSS=False).

Upgrade Notes

  • The configuration option for the manila-data service, data_node_access_ip from the [DEFAULT] section is no longer supported. It was deprecated in favor of data_node_access_ips in the OpenStack Shared File Systems (manila) service release 6.0.0 (Queens).

  • The LVM driver configuration option lvm_share_export_ip is no longer supported. This option has been replaced by lvm_share_export_ips which accepts a comma-separated string of IP addresses of the host exporting the LVM shares (NFS/CIFS share server).

  • Added a new config option nexenta_ssl_cert_verify. This option defines whether the NexentaStor5 driver should check ssl certificate.

  • Added a new config option nexenta_rest_connect_timeout. This option specifies the time limit (in seconds), within which the connection to NexentaStor management REST API server must be established.

  • Added a new config option nexenta_rest_read_timeout. This option specifies the time limit (in seconds), within which NexentaStor management REST API server must send a response.

  • Added a new config option nexenta_rest_backoff_factor. This option specifies the backoff factor to apply between connection attempts to NexentaStor management REST API server.

  • Added a new config option nexenta_rest_retry_count. This option specifies the number of times to repeat NexentaStor management REST API call in case of connection errors and NexentaStor appliance EBUSY or ENOENT errors.

  • Added a new config option nexenta_dataset_record_size. This option specifies a suggested block size in for files in a filesystem’

    • emc_share_backend configuration option must be switched from vmax to powermax if using a newly rebranded PowerMax storage backend.

    • If using a PowerMax storage backend, deprecated options emc_nas_server_container, emc_nas_pool_names and emc_interface_ports can no longer be used. They must be replaced by powermax_server_container, powermax_share_data_pools and powermax_ethernet_ports respectively.

  • On upgrading to this release, all existing share networks will be updated to accommodate an availability zone assignment. Existing share networks will have their availability zone set to “empty” indicating that they are available across all storage availability zones known to manila.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following have been deprecated but will remain until the V release vmax_server_container is now powermax_server_container vmax_share_data_pools is now powermax_share_data_pools vmax_ethernet_ports is now powermax_ethernet_ports

Bug Fixes

  • The NetApp ONTAP driver is now fixed to unmount the original active share volume after one of its replica gets promoted.

  • The NetApp ONTAP driver is now fixed to set revert_to_snapshot_support to True or False depending upon SnapRestore License.

  • When the OpenStack administrator has a busy environment that contains many shares, the list operation with –limit parameter was taking too long to respond. This lag has now been fixed. See the launchpad bug 1795463 for more details.

  • When manila API is run behind a proxy webserver, the API service was parsing the major API version requested incorrectly, leading to incorrect responses. This behavior has now been fixed. See launchpad bug 1818081 for more details.

  • Update share networks with MTU before creating network allocations so that the first allocation in a share network is correct.

  • Fixed an issue with the NetApp driver failing during a rollback operation in the share server creation.

  • Launchpad bug 1822815 has been fixed. The user no longer gets an error if the list command has no rows when executing manila list –count True.

  • A share network cannot be provided while creating a share replica. Replicas will inherit the share’s share network if one exists.