Ocata Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Changed sync mount permanently logic in the Generic driver to select the newly mounted share from /etc/mtab and insert it into /etc/fstab. Added corresponding remove mount permanently functionality.

  • Fixed the NetApp ONTAP driver to handle reverting to replicated and migrated snapshots.

  • Fixed issue where locales other than POSIX and en_US.UTF-8 might cause the translate_string_size_to_float method to fail on a comma decimal separator instead of a period decimal separator.

  • Fixed creation of security group and security group rule - neutronclient mapping

  • The NetApp ONTAP driver has been fixed to honor the share size as requested when creating shares from an existing snapshot.

  • Non admin users may invoke GET /share-networks and GET /security-services APIs with the ‘all-tenants’ flag in the query, however, the flag is ignored, and only resources belonging to the project will be served. This API change was made to fix bug 1721787 in the manila client project.

  • The Quobyte driver now handles updated error codes from Quobyte API versions 1.4+ .

  • Removed confusing manila.db.sqlalchemy model messages indicating deprecated properties for share_type, host, share_server_id, share_network_id, available_zone. These are exposed in the API as properties of shares and are not in fact actually deprecated as such.

  • When use driver_handles_share_servers driver, reset the tap device after manila-share service start.

  • Use Oslo’s logging features to securely output the configuration options for Manila.


Upgrade Notes

  • Added emc_ssl_cert_verify and emc_ssl_cert_path options for VNX SSL verification. For more details, see OpenStack official documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed task_state field in the share model being set to migration_success before actually completing a share migration.

  • The NetApp ONTAP driver has been fixed to ensure the “security style” on CIFS shares is always “ntfs”.

  • The NetApp cDOT DHSS=True drivers have been fixed to not assume that share servers are only provisioned on segmented (VLAN) networks.

  • The NetApp DHSS=True driver now creates static routes with the gateway specified on the tenant networks. Potential beneficiaries of this bug-fix are deployers/users whose CIFS security service (e.g. Active Directory) is not part of the tenant network, but a route exists via the tenant network gateway.

  • Fixed the NetApp driver to report the correct value of the “preferred” export location metadata where it cannot determine if there are any “preferred” export locations.

  • The NetApp driver has been fixed to ensure that share type changes during driver optimized share migration will result in correction of share properties as per the requested extra-specs.

  • Fix the issue of deleting share server in VNX driver. The VNX driver failed to detect the NFS interface of share server, so the detach and deletion of NFS interface were skipped.

  • Fixed bug in Dell EMC Unity driver that caused shares created from snapshots to contain data from the original shares, instead of data from their snapshots.



The share migration feature was improved to support migrating snapshots where possible and provide a more deterministic user experience.

New Features

  • Added detail API to show user and tenant specific usages through the quota-sets resource.

  • Improvements have been made to ensure read only rule semantics for shares and readable replicas. When invoked with administrative context, the share instance and share replica APIs will return cast_rules_to_readonly as an additional field in the detailed JSON response.

  • Added optional create_share_from_snapshot_support extra spec, which was previously implied by the overloaded snapshot_support extra spec.

  • Add purge sub command to the manila-manage db command for administrators to be able to purge soft-deleted rows.

  • Added share_type to filter results of scheduler-stats/pools API.

  • Added admin network support to Hitachi HNAS Driver

  • Added ‘preserve_snapshots’ parameter to share migration API.

  • New micro-states (‘applying’, ‘denying’), appear in the ‘state’ field of access rules list API. These transitional states signify the state of an access rule while its application or denial is being processed asynchronously.

  • Access rules can be added regardless of the ‘access_rules_status’ of the share or any of its replicas.

  • Added manage/unmanage snapshot support to Hitachi HNAS Driver.

  • Added Mountable Snapshots support to HNAS driver.

  • Added Revert-to-snapshot functionality to Hitachi NAS driver.

  • Added manila manage/unmanage feature support for GPFS driver. The existing fileset should be an independent fileset and should not have any NFS export over the fileset path. With this prerequisite existing GPFS filesets can be brought under Manila management.

  • Add support for the tooz library.

  • Allow configuration of file/distributed locking for the share manager service.

  • Added share backend drivers for MapR-FS.

  • Driver assisted migration support has been added to the NetApp cDOT driver to efficiently and nondisruptively migrate shares within Vservers by ensuring data, snapshots and metadata.

  • The NetApp cDOT drivers now include the cluster node utilization metrics for each pool reported to the manila scheduler. These values are designed to be included in the filter & goodness functions used by the scheduler, so the cDOT drivers now also report those functions to the scheduler for each pool.

  • Added Manila share driver for QNAP ES series storage systems.

  • Added mountable snapshots feature to manila. Access can now be allowed and denied to snapshots of shares created with a share type that supports this feature.

  • Added mountable snapshots support to the LVM driver.

  • Added revert-to-snapshot feature for regular and replicated shares.

  • Added revert-to-snapshot support to the LVM driver.

  • Added support for share revert-to-snapshot to NetApp Data ONTAP drivers.

  • Dell EMC Unity driver deprecated the option emc_nas_server_container. The driver will choose storage processor automatically to load balance the nas servers.

  • Dell EMC Unity driver is enhanced to use different tenant in Unity for each vlan. Thus the nas server in different vlan could have isolated IP address space.

  • Dell EMC Unity driver is enhanced to select the appropriate port on the system to create interfaces based on the network MTU.

  • Support for VMAX in Manila.

Known Issues

  • 3parclient up to version 4.2.1 always returns only 1 VFS IP address. This may cause 3PAR driver boot up failure while validating VFS IP addresses against IP addresses configured in manila.conf.

  • Share groups replaced the experimental consistency groups feature in Ocata. The APIs for share groups have a default role-based-access-control policy set to “!”. This means that these APIs are not enabled by default on upgrading to the Ocata release. Modify policy.json appropriately in your deployment to enable these APIs. You may set these policies to “rule:default” to allow access to all tenants and “rule:admin_api” to restrict the access only to tenants with those privileges.

Upgrade Notes

  • The snapshot_support extra spec is now optional and has no default value set when creating share types.

  • Added a new config option to Hitachi HNAS Driver to allow configuration of Admin Network support.

  • All share migration driver-assisted API parameters are now mandatory.

  • Improvements to the share migration API have been qualified with the driver assisted migration support that exists in the ZFSOnLinux driver. However, this driver does not currently support preserving snapshots on migration.

  • Snapshot restriction in share migration API has been changed to return error only when parameter force-host-assisted-migration is True.

  • Deprecated the service_instance_network_helper_type option for removal. This option is no longer used for anything since nova networking is no longer supported.

  • Policies relating to “consistency_group” and “cgsnapshot” APIs have been removed from manila. These policies can be removed from “policy.json”.

  • If using existing share types with the HNAS back end, set the ‘mount_snapshot_support’ extra-spec to allow creating shares that support mountable snapshots. This modification will not affect existing shares of such types.

  • New options are necessary in manila.conf to specify the coordination back-end URL (for example, a Distributed Locking Manager (DLM) back-end or a file based lock location). The configuration determines the tooz driver invoked for the locking/coordination.

  • The EMCShareDriver is moved to the dell_emc directory. share_driver entry in manila.conf needs to be changed to manila.share.drivers.dell_emc.driver.EMCShareDriver. Vendor name is changed to “Dell EMC”.

  • Removed nova net support from the service instance module since legacy nova networking was deprecated in Newton and is no longer supported in regular deployments in Ocata.

  • Removed support for nova_net_id in share_networks API and in the ShareNetwork DB model. Also removed the nova network plugins themselves and corresponding manila.conf options.

  • For Dell EMC Unity Manila driver, replaced emc_nas_pool_names with unity_share_data_pools, emc_nas_server_pool with unity_server_meta_pool, emc_interface_ports with unity_ethernet_ports,

  • For Dell EMC VNX Manila driver, replaced emc_nas_pool_names with vnx_share_data_pools, emc_interface_ports with vnx_ethernet_ports, emc_nas_server_container with vnx_server_container.

Deprecation Notes

  • Deprecation of the manila v1 API was announced in the mitaka release. The versions response from the API has been fixed to state that this version has been deprecated. If you are using v1 API, consider switching to the v2 API to take advantage of newer features. v2 API has support for ‘microversions’. Any endpoint on the v2 API can be requested with the HTTP header ‘X-OpenStack-Manila-API-Version’ and providing a value ‘2.x’, where ‘2’ is the major version and ‘x’ is the minor (or ‘micro’) version. To continue exploiting feature functionality that was part of the v1 API, you may use the v2 API with the microverison ‘2.0’, which is behaviourally identical to the v1 API.

  • Support for the experimental share migration APIs has been dropped for API microversions prior to 2.30.

  • For Dell EMC Unity Manila driver, options emc_nas_pool_names, emc_nas_server_pool, emc_interface_ports, emc_nas_server_container are deprecated.

  • For Dell EMC VNX Manila driver, options emc_nas_pool_names, emc_interface_ports, emc_nas_server_container are deprecated.

Critical Issues

  • The “host” field is no longer returned in the JSON response of the /shares and /share-replicas APIs when these APIs are invoked with non-admin privileges. Applications that depend on this field must be updated as necessary. The value of this field is privileged information and the request context must specify administrator privileges when using these APIs for the “host” field to be present. The use of “host” as a filter key in the GET /shares API is controlled with the policy “list_by_host”. This policy defaults to “rule:admin_api”.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 3PAR driver boot up failure while validating share server IP address provided in manila.conf against IP address set on array.

  • Added check to validate that host assisted migration cannot be forced while specifying driver assisted migration options.

  • The share migration API can only be invoked when at least one parameter within (host, share-network, share-type) is expected to be changed.

  • Raises an exception in case the host_id is specified when creating a neutron port but the port_binding extension is not activated.

  • The NetApp cDOT driver now explicitly filters root aggregates from the pools reported to the manila scheduler if the driver is operating with cluster credentials.

  • Fixed a bug with the share manager losing access rule updates when multiple access rules are added to a given share simultaneously.

  • Instead of all existing access rules transitioning to ‘error’ state when some error occurs while applying or denying access rules to a given share, only the rules that were in transitional statuses (‘applying’, ‘denying’) during an update will transition to ‘error’ state. This change is expected to aid in identifying any ‘bad’ rules that require a resolution by the user.

  • Share action APIs dealing with allowing and denying access to shares now perform the policy check for authorization to invoke those APIs as a preliminary step.

  • As before, when a share is replicated (or being migrated), all replicas (or migration instances) of the share must be in a valid state in order to allow or deny access to the share (where such actions are otherwise allowed). The check enforcing this in the API is fixed.

  • Fixed share remaining with read/write access rules during a host-assisted share migration.

  • Added missing ‘migration_completing’ task state when requesting migration-complete for a driver-assisted share migration.

  • In the Generic driver, the backing volume size is greater than the share size when the share has been shrunk. So share extend logic in this driver was changed to only extend the backing volume if its size is less than the size of the new, extended share.

  • Added a check on driver startup for CEPHFS back ends to verify whether the back end is accessible.

  • Fix inheritance of access rules from parent share by ZFSonLinux child shares. It was inherited before, now it is not, as expected. Now, each share created from snapshot will not have inherited access rules.

  • Changed NetApp cDOT driver when running with DHSS=True to maintain a 1-1 relation between IPSpaces and broadcast domains.

  • Fixed incorrect exportfs command used while extending and shrinking shares on Generic driver.

  • Fixed GPFS CES to allow adding a first access rule to a share.

  • Fixed GPFS CES to allow deleting a share with no access rules.

  • Fixed GPFS CES to allow deletion of a failed access rule when there are no successful access rules.

  • Fixed GPFS KNFS generation of NFS server allow/deny commands when there are multiple servers in gpfs_nfs_server_list so that the remote ssh login prefix used for one server is not carried over to the commands for following servers.

  • Fixed GPFS KNFS deny access so that it will not fail when the access can be verified to not exist.

  • Fixed the error that share metadata records are not soft-deleted when deleting a share.

  • Fixed failure when reverting a share to a snapshot using the LVM driver while access rules exist for that share.

  • Shares can no longer be migrated while being members of share groups.

  • Fixed default approach for creating share group snapshots that uses common share driver interface by making proper call of this method. Before, some drivers that were depending on some specific data from ‘snapshot’ object were failing not being able to get these data.

  • Snapshot access rules in error state no longer cause other rules to go into error state as well.

  • Fixed snapshot export locations being created for shares with property mount_snapshot_support=False.

  • Export locations pertaining to migration destinations are no longer shown until migration is complete.

  • Added ‘consistent_snapshot_support’ attribute to ‘share_groups’ DB model, to ease possible future backport of bugfixes for ‘share groups’ feature.

  • Fixed HNAS driver creating snapshots of NFS shares without first changing it to read-only.

  • Fixed error in driver-assisted share migration of mountable snapshots.

  • The Windows driver issues regarding share creation have been fixed.

  • Fixed HNAS driver version according to the new content added in the Ocata release.

  • Container driver. Fixed share and share server deletion concurrencies by adding shared external lock.

  • Fixed Hitachi HNAS driver not checking export on backend when managing a snapshot.

  • Fixed qos deletion failing in huawei driver when qos status is ‘idle’ by deactivating it first.

  • HNAS driver correctly handles rule updates to pre-existing access rules on a managed CIFS share.

  • Fixed HNAS driver error when managing snapshots caused by concurrency in backend.

  • Share replication workflows are coordinated by the share-manager service with the help of the tooz library instead of oslo_concurrency. This allows for deployers to configure Distributed Locking Management if multiple manila-share services are run across different nodes.

  • Shares under 3 GB cannot be created on the Dell EMC Unity back end. If users create shares smaller than 3 GB, they will be allocated a 3 GB file system on the Unity system.

Other Notes

  • Removed fake Consistency Group support from Generic driver. It was added only for testing purpose and now it is redundant.