Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Added cleanup sub command to the manila-manage service command for administrators to be able to soft-delete services marked as down.

  • The NetApp cDOT driver now reports the max_over_subscription_ratio configuration, which can be set per share back end, via scheduler-stats/pools/detail API.

  • Dell EMC Unity: Default filter function support for 3GB share size.

Upgrade Notes

  • When using a driver with the service-instance module, manila.conf now requires a [glance] section in addition the the previously required sections for [neutron], [nova], and cinder since the glanceclient is now required as well as the clients for these other services. To generate a sample manila.conf that includes sections for all of these services run `` tox -egenconfig`` from the top of the manila source repository.

  • The configuration option netapp_migration_cancel_timeout can be specified in the NetApp backend section to redefine the amount of time that the NetApp driver must attempt to wait on the asynchronous operation to cancel an ongoing migration. This option is set to 3600 seconds by default, which is sufficient time in most cases.

  • The default value for the CephFS driver configuration option cephfs_enable_snapshots has changed to True. This option has also been deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. If snapshots are not desired with this back end, set the share type extra spec snapshot_support to False.

  • This version of OpenStack Manila has not been tested with Ceph clusters prior to Nautilus. CephFS drivers interact with Ceph clusters via a python binding called “ceph_volume_client”. This is being replaced by supplying management operations via the ceph manager interface that was introduced in the Nautilus release of Ceph. So it is advised that you upgrade your Ceph deployment prior to upgrading to Manila’s Victoria release.

  • Added a new config option container_volume_mount_path. This option defines the path where ContainerShareDriver driver should mount a logical volume on the host prior to providing access to it from a container.

  • A new configuration option called report_default_filter_function has been added to the Dell EMC Unity driver. It can be set to True or False, and the default value is False. When set to True, the scheduler will disallow the creation of shares smaller than 3 GiB on the Dell EMC Unity back end. The default value of this option will be changed to True in a future release, so always set the desired value in your manila.conf per your expectations.

Deprecation Notes

  • The CephFS driver configuration option cephfs_enable_snapshots has been deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. Use the share type extra-spec snapshot_support to enable or disable snapshots.

Bug Fixes

  • Share creation sometimes failed with drivers that use the service-instance module (currently, the generic and windows smb because the service-instance image could not be found. The service instance module used the novaclient to discover the images, it paginates lists of images, and if there are more than 25 images the service-image may not be in the list.

    This fix switches to use the glanceclient – a more direct and appropriate client for OpenStack images that is not subject to the pagination limitation.

  • Dell EMC Unity Driver: Fixes bug 1841035 to avoid lots of error messages displayed in logs.

  • NetApp ONTAP share delete operation can fail sometimes when is triggered immediately after migration cancelation on a overloaded NetApp backend. Canceling an ongoing migration is an asynchronous operation on an ONTAP storage system. Now the NetApp driver checks if the asynchronous API has ended its operation before reporting migration cancelation success. If the operation of the asynchronous API did not end within the specified timeout, the migration cancel cancel operation will be considered unsuccessful. To do so, a new configuration option netapp_migration_cancel_timeout has been added.

  • Fixed the Generic driver to evict and kill any user processes accessing a share before attempting to extend or shrink a CIFS share.

  • Added a new user message when share shrinking fails due to operation not being supported by the driver.

  • Fixed bug #1878993 that caused a failure on HTTPS connections within NetApp backend using python 3.7.

  • Fixed unneeded all ports list request to Neutron in service instance helper module on tearing down service subnet, Neutron can filter them by subnet_id itself.

  • NetApp ONTAP driver is now fixed to avoid the deletion of Cluster and Default ipspaces when deleting a share server. This issue was happening only when operating in driver_handles_share_servers enabled mode and creating shares using flat network type. See Launchpad bug 1880747 for more details.

  • Added manila-manage service cleanup command to soft-delete entries from the services table for services, that are down. E.g. this fixed the removal of services for hosts, that had been renamed.

  • Fixed bug #1882590 that caused an error on starting a NetApp backend when using the SVM scoped account.

  • Fixed launchpad bug #1885956 by ensuring that policy checks are enforced when looking up a share-type by name. This prevents a problem where shares could be stuck in CREATING status when a user attempts to create a share using the name of a private share-type to which the user lacks access.

  • The NetApp cDOT driver now validates the configuration of preferred domain controller(s) added in CIFS security service server setup. The mandatory option skip-config-validation was introduced to cifs-domain-preferred-dc-add with ONTAP 9.5.

  • An error with share group snapshot creation and deletion due to missing attributes has been fixed. See Launchpad bug 1888905 for more information.

  • The LVM driver no longer fails to delete shares, snapshots and access rules that are missing from storage. See Launchpad bug #1888915 for more details.

  • When attempting to shrink a share to a size smaller than the current used space, the share status will remain as available instead of shrinking_possible_data_loss_error. The user will receive warning message saying that the shrink operation was not completed.