Current Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • MON write caps are not longer needed to interact with the backend on the Ceph drivers. The capabilities of the driver user (configured with cephfs_auth_id) can hence be reduced. See the administrator docs for the capabilities required.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug #1922075 Fixed the problem that “gluster volume set nfs.rpc-auth-reject ‘*’” failed when the glusterfs driver created an instance from a snapshot.

  • mgr-commands are now directed to the mgr-daemon instead of the mon-daemon in the CephFS drivers

  • Fixed NotFound error in share replica periodic tasks. It could happen that the parent share of the replica that was being worked on had already been deleted.

  • Corrected an error message for attempts to create snapshots from shares that do not support this operation. The message said that the share backend has no such support but that is not always true. The original share for the snapshot does not support snapshots because it was created with a share type without the snapshot_support extra-spec set, irrespective of whether the back end used can itself support snapshots or not.