Current Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The GET /shares/{share_id} API now responds with HTTP 404 (Not Found) for inaccessible resources. See bug 1901210 for further information.

  • Fixed the issue of not accounting replica quotas while triggering the migration for a given share. Please refer to the Launchpad bug #1910752 for more details.

  • When deploying Manila CephFS NFS with cephadm, the manila share service fails to start with the error “Backend cephfsnfs supports neither IPv4 nor IPv6”. This happens because the NFS Ganesha daemon fails to start for some reason, and therefore the driver never gets the location of the NFS Ganesha service that will be used as the backend. We rely on the operator to make sure the CephFS NFS cluster is available when initializing the driver. With this fix in place, we raise an exception to explicitly notify the operator and allow them to take further action.

  • The CephFS NFS driver, specifically the NFSProtocolHelper implementation, was passing a wrong param to the Ceph backend and this was preventing users to add and deny access to the created shares. With this fix, users of the CephFS NFS NFSProtocolHelper can normally create and remove access to their shares.

  • Deployers now can specify [glance]endpoint_type configuration option (defaults to publicURL for backward compatibility) so that Manila uses Glance endpoint other than the public one (see bug 1991396).

  • Bug 1991776 was fixed within the CephFS driver. The driver no longer emits repeated warnings concerning supported IP versions when using the NFS protocol.

  • Some neutron integrations might not have the network type, so the neutron network plugin is fixed by taking that scenario in consideration. Launchpad bug #1987315 for more details.

Other Notes

  • Pure Storage FlashBlade driver - Version number incremented for tracking purposes(Antelope release).