Current Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The service now requires a user’s “scope” to be defined with the OpenStack Identity service (Keystone) by the virtue of default Role Based Access Control (RBAC). This is being done in addition to changing the RBAC rules for GET requests to permit users possessing the “reader” role. The Default value of config options [oslo_policy] enforce_scope and [oslo_policy] oslo_policy.enforce_new_defaults has now changed to True. This means that, if you are using system scoped tokens to access Manila’s API, requests will fail with HTTP 403. Users must obtain a project scoped token to interact with the Manila API. You may also provide users with “reader” role where appropriate if they intend to make read-only API requests to Manila. If you would like to disable these changes, modify manila.conf file to set:


    However, be aware that you may not be able to disable these options in the future. Please see OpenStack’s Consistent and Secure Default RBAC goal for more details

Bug Fixes

  • -| Launchpad bug 1867030 has been fixed for delete share.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed share network subnets to be deleted when they were still related to a share group. An exception will now be raised when Manila identify such existing relationship. For more details, please refer to Launchpad Bug 2004212.

  • Launchpad bug 2023754 has been fixed for “next links” broken for limited share replicas api.

  • In case of NetApp ONTAP driver, when snpashots are soft deleted (i.e. they are renamed if delete fails) sometime we face issue in during rename. This is due to busy snapshots. To overcome this, Manila will stop clone split, perform rename and start clone split again. For more details, please refer to launchpad bug 2025641

  • The periodic database queries made by the share manager service to process deferred deletion of shares has been fixed to consider the host in addition to the share’s state. This both improves performance of the periodic task, as well as fixes incorrect behavior where incorrect shares are retrieved by the query.