Newton Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed share remaining with read/write access rules during a host-assisted share migration.

  • Added a check on driver startup for CEPHFS back ends to verify whether the back end is accessible.

  • Changed NetApp cDOT driver when running with DHSS=True to maintain a 1-1 relation between IPSpaces and broadcast domains.

  • Fixed GPFS CES to allow adding a first access rule to a share.

  • Fixed GPFS CES to allow deleting a share with no access rules.

  • Fixed GPFS CES to allow deletion of a failed access rule when there are no successful access rules.



A new Container driver is added. It uses docker container as a share server.

Add a new EMC Unity plugin in manila which allows user to create NFS/CIFS share with a EMC Unity backend.

Add support for CIFS protocol in Manila HNAS driver.

Add Hitachi HSP driver.

Refactored GPFS driver to support NFS Ganesha through Spectrum Scale CES framework.

Added new parameters to Share Migration experimental API and more combinations of share protocols and access types support to the Data Service.

Manila scheduler checks “thin_provisioning” in extra specs of the share type and decides whether to use the logic for thin or thick. If “thin_provisioning” not given in extra specs, default use thin.

New Features

  • Add update_access support to HPE 3PAR driver.

  • HPE 3PAR driver now supports configuring multiple pools per backend.

  • Driver may return access_key, an access credential, for client identities granted share access.

  • Added access_key to the JSON response of access_list API.

  • Added support for driver-assisted share migration to ZFSonLinux driver.

  • Add list, show, and reset-status admin APIs for snapshot instances.

  • User ID is added to the JSON response of the /shares APIs.

  • Store network gateway value in DB.

  • Gateway is added to the JSON response of the /share-networks API.

  • Store network MTU value into DB to make it possible for drivers with share server support to support different values than 1500.

  • user_id and project_id fields are added to the JSON response of /snapshots APIs.

  • For cephfs_native driver, added read-only shares support.

  • Enhanced cephfs_native driver’s update_access() to,

    • remove undesired rules existing in the backend during recovery mode.

    • return access_keys of ceph auth IDs that are allowed access.

  • The Container driver allows using a docker container as a share server. This allows for very fast share server startup.

  • The Container driver supports CIFS protocol.

  • NetApp cMode driver - configured VLAN will be deleted on Vserver removal

  • Add DriverFilter and GoodnessWeigher to manila’s scheduler. These can use two new properties provided by backends, ‘filter_function’ and ‘goodness_function’, which can be used to filter and weigh qualified backends, respectively.

  • Add a new Unity plugin in manila which allows user to create NFS/CIFS share with a EMC Unity backend. This plugin performs the operations on Unity by REST API.

  • Added support for CIFS shares in Hitachi HNAS driver. It supports user access type, where a permission for a user or a group can be added/removed. Also, accepts ‘read write’ and ‘read only’ as access level.

  • Renamed all HDS mentions on HNAS driver to Hitachi and moved driver to another folder.

  • Add read-write functionality for HPE 3PAR shares from snapshots.

  • Added new Hitachi HSP driver, that supports manage/unmanage and shrinking of shares, along with all the minimum driver features. Does not support snapshots.

  • Huawei driver now supports replication. It reports a replication type ‘dr’(Disaster Recovery), so “replication_type=dr” can be used in the share type extra specs to schedule shares to the Huawei driver when configured for replication.

  • The huawei driver now supports turning off snapshot support.

  • Huawei driver supports setting the backend ‘sectorsize’ while creating shares and administrators can use this capability via the share types extra-spec ‘huawei_sectorsize:sectorsize’ or via the XML configuration file.

  • Add support for reporting pool disk type in Huawei driver. huawei_disk_type extra-spec in the share type. Valid values for this extra-spec are ‘ssd’, ‘sas’, ‘nl_sas’ or ‘mix’.

  • Add support for hybrid aggregates to the NetApp cDOT drivers.

  • Added support of ‘manage share’ feature to ZFSonLinux driver.

  • Manage share snapshot on array in huawei driver.

  • Added support of ‘manage snapshot’ feature to ZFSonLinux driver.

  • Share can be managed with replication_type extra-spec in the share_type

  • Add support for snapshot manage/unmanage to the NetApp cDOT driver.

  • Administrators can now change a share’s type during a migration.

  • Added port binding support for neutron networks with multiple segments.

  • The NetApp cDOT driver operating in driver_handles_share_servers = True mode applies the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) from the network provider where available when creating Logical Interfaces (LIFs) for newly created share servers.

  • NetApp cDOT driver now supports a scoped extra-spec netapp:split_clone_on_create to be used in share types when creating shares (NetApp FlexClone) from snapshots. If this extra-spec is not included, or set to false, the cDOT driver will perform the clone-split only if/when the parent snapshot is being deleted.

  • NFS Versions can be configured when using the NetApp cDOT driver with driver mode driver_handles_share_servers = True.

  • Added neutron driver for port bind actions.

  • Share Migration now has parameters to force share migration procedure to maintain the share writable, preserve its metadata and be non-disruptive when migrating.

  • Added CIFS protocol support to Data Service, along with respective ‘user’ access type support, through the ‘data_node_access_admin_user’ configuration option.

  • Added possibility to include options to mount commands issued by the Data Service through the ‘data_node_mount_options’ configuration option.

  • Administrators can now change share’s share network during a migration.

  • Added possibility of having files hash verified during migration.

  • Added share backend drivers for NexentaStor4 and NexentaStor5 appliances.

  • Oracle ZFSSA driver now supports share manage/unmanage feature, where a ZFSSA share can be brought under Manila’s management, or can be released from Manila’s management.

Known Issues

  • The Container driver has the following known issues:

    • Only basic driver operations are supported: create/delete share, update access and extend share.

  • EMC Unity does not support the same IP in different VLANs.

  • When snapshot support is turned on in the Huawei driver, replication cannot be used.

  • Managing a share with replication_type can only be possible if the share does not already have replicas.

Upgrade Notes

  • HPE 3PAR driver no longer uses hpe3par_share_ip_address option in configuration. With pool support, configuration just requires hpe3par_fpg option or optionally supply share IP address(es) along with hpe3par_fpg.

  • To add DriverFilter and GoodnessWeigher to an active deployment, their references must be added to the filters and weighers sections on entry_points.txt.

  • HNAS driver vendor changed from HDS to Hitachi.

  • New HNAS driver location.

  • New HNAS config options hitachi_hnas_ip, hitachi_hnas_user, hitachi_hnas_password, hitachi_hnas_evs_id, hitachi_hnas_evs_ip, hitachi_hnas_file_system_name, hitachi_hnas_ssh_private_key, hitachi_hnas_cluster_admin_ip0, hitachi_hnas_stalled_job_timeout, hitachi_hnas_driver_helper and hitachi_hnas_allow_cifs_snapshot_while_mounted.

  • Added a new config option is_gpfs_node which will determine if manila share service is running on GPFS node or not. Added mmnfs commands in the root wrap share.filters. Removed scp and ssh commands from root wrap share.filters.

  • Added new configuration option netapp_enabled_share_protocols to configure NFS versions with the NetApp cDOT driver operating in driver mode driver_handles_share_servers = True. If this option is not specified, new share servers (NetApp vServers) will be created supporting NFS Version 3 and NFS Version 4.0.

  • Remove the “AllocType” configuration from huawei driver configuration file. If “thin_provisioning” not given, default create new share by “thin” type.

  • Ensure that /etc/manila/api-paste.ini is up-to-date with etc/manila/api-paste.ini, in particular that [filter:sizelimit] section has paste.filter_factory = oslo_middleware.sizelimit:RequestBodySizeLimiter.factory

Deprecation Notes

  • HNAS driver location was deprecated.

  • All HNAS driver config options were deprecated hds_hnas_ip, hds_hnas_user, hds_hnas_password, hds_hnas_evs_id, hds_hnas_evs_ip, hds_hnas_file_system_name, hds_hnas_ssh_private_key, hds_hnas_cluster_admin_ip0, hds_hnas_stalled_job_timeout, hds_hnas_driver_helper and hds_hnas_allow_cifs_snapshot_while_mounted.

  • Deprecated knfs_export_options configuration parameter as export options are now configured in extra specs of share types.

  • Renamed Share Migration ‘force_host_copy’ parameter to ‘force_host_assisted_migration’, to better represent the parameter’s functionality in API version 2.22.

  • API version 2.22 is now required for all Share Migration APIs.

  • Removed manila RequestBodySizeLimiter shims and deprecation log messages since it has been deprecated since equivalent oslo.middleware library object was added in kilo.

Security Issues

  • http_proxy_to_wsgi is taken into use instead of the deprecated ssl middleware. This makes it easier for deployers to have Manila running behind a proxy that terminates TLS connections. This middleware addition adds the enable_proxy_headers_parsing option to the oslo_middleware section which needs to be set in the configuration file in order to enable middleware to do its work.

  • Ensure we don’t grant read access to ‘Everyone’ by default when creating CIFS shares and the Windows SMB backend is used.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hitachi HNAS driver not cleaning up data in backend when failing to create a share from snapshot.

  • Added missing default filter function on Hitachi HSP driver.

  • Changed share replica deletion logic in the NetApp cDOT driver to disregard invalid replication relationships from among those recorded by the driver to clean up.

  • HPE3PAR driver fix to allow delete of a share that does not exist on the backend.

  • Fixed issue with NetApp cDOT share server cleanup when LIF creation fails while setting up a new vServer.

  • Fixed the generation of options in the correct option groups. Using the config generator (tox -e genconfig), [cinder], [nova] and [neutron] options are now generated in the right groups instead of [default].

  • For a delete snapshot request, if backend reports that snapshot is busy then the state of snapshot is changed to ‘error_deleting’.

  • HPE3PAR Driver fix to reduce the fsquota when a share is deleted for shared fstores.

  • In cephfs_native driver, fixed client eviction call during access denial.

  • User_id and project_id DB fields are extended to also support LDAP setups.

  • Capacity filter and weigher scheduler logic was modified to account for back ends that can support thin and thick provisioning for shares. Over subscription calculation is triggered with the presence of the thin_provisioning extra-spec in the share type of the share being created.

  • Hitachi HNAS driver now reports dedupe capability and it can be used in extra-specs to choose a HNAS file system that has dedupe enabled when creating a manila share on HNAS.

  • EMC VNX driver supports interface ports configuration now. The ports of Data Mover that can be used by share server interfaces are configurable.

  • Any errors that may occur during ‘managing’ a share into manila will result in the share’s size being set to 1, aside from transitioning the status to ‘manage_error’.

  • Improve max_over_subscription_ratio enforcement by providing a reasonable estimate of backend provisioned-capacity when drivers cannot supply it.

  • Consistency Group APIs return share_server_id information correctly to administrators.

  • When using a consistency group snapshot to create another consistency group, share server and network information is persisted from the source consistency group to the new consistency group.

  • Crash when using unconfined filesystems in HDS HNAS driver using SSH backend.

  • HDS HNAS Driver no longer mounts unmounted filesystems automatically.

  • Fix exception in update_access not found in Huawei driver.

  • Fixed Hitachi HNAS driver allowing a share to be managed twice through a malformed export location parameter.

  • Check the Cephx ID used when granting access to a CephFS share to make sure it’s not the same as the one Manila uses to communicate with the Ceph backend.

  • The NetApp cDOT driver’s autosupport reporting now works on Python 2.7.12 and later.

  • Fixed race-condition in generic driver while updating network routes in host.

  • GlusterFS drivers now handle the volume option XML schema of GlusterFS >= 3.7.14.

  • Fixed error when allowing access to a managed share in HDS HNAS driver.

  • Fixed error when attempting to create a new share from a snapshot taken from a managed share in HDS HNAS driver.

  • Fixed ID inconsistencies in log when handling managed shares in HDS HNAS driver.

  • Huawei driver now properly handles access for all IP addresses (

  • Makes docker containers actually mount logical volumes.

  • Retrying to manage shares in manage_error status works as expected.

  • Snapshot manage and unmange operations are disabled for shares with replicas.

  • Fixed access_allow and access_deny displaying incorrect error message during migration of a share.

  • Fixed access rule concurrency in migration that was preventing new rules from being added to the migrated share.

  • Fixed share migration error using Data Service when there are only empty files.

  • Fixed HSP driver not supporting adding rules that exist in backend for managed shares.

  • Fixed HSP driver not supporting deleting share if it has rules in backend that are not in Manila.

  • force-delete API requests for snapshots are now propagated to the manila-share service and will not fail even if share drivers cannot remove the snapshots on the storage backend.