Rocky Series Release Notes


Known Issues

  • A bug in the amqp python library can cause the connection to the RabbitMQ broker to hang when using SSL/TLS. This results in frequent errors such as this:

    MessagingTimeout: Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID ae039d1695984addbfaaef032ce4fda3

    (see bug 1800957).

    This bug has been fixed in v2.4.1 of amqp.

    It is recommended that deployments using SSL/TLS upgrade the amqp library to v2.4.1 or later.



RPCClient now supports RPC call monitoring for detecting the loss of a server during an RPC call.

New Features

  • RPC call monitoring is a new RPCClient feature. Call monitoring causes the RPC server to periodically send keepalive messages back to the RPCClient while the RPC call is being processed. This can be used for early detection of a server failure without having to wait for the full call timeout to expire.


Deprecation Notes

  • ZeroMQ support has been deprecated. The ZeroMQ driver zmq:// has been unmaintained for over a year and no longer functions properly. It is recommended to use one of the maintained backends instead, such as RabbitMQ or AMQP 1.0.



Projects using any of the optional drivers can use extras to pull in dependencies for that driver.

Upgrade Notes

  • Projects using the AMQP 1.0 driver may now depend on oslo.messaging[amqp1]. Projects using the Kafka driver may now depend on oslo.messaging[kafka]



The Pika-based driver for RabbitMQ has been removed.

Upgrade Notes

  • Users of the Pika-based driver must change the prefix of all the transport_url configuration options from “pika://…” to “rabbit://…” to use the default kombu based RabbitMQ driver.