Stein Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Add a new option enable_cancel_on_failover for rabbitmq driver which when enabled, will cancel consumers when queue appears to be down.


Critical Issues

  • In combination with amqp<=2.4.0, oslo.messaging was unreliable when configured with TLS (as is generally recommended). Users would see frequent errors such as this:

    MessagingTimeout: Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID ae039d1695984addbfaaef032ce4fda3

    Such issues would typically lead to downstream service timeouts, with no recourse available other than disabling TLS altogether (see bug 1800957).

    The underlying issue is fixed in amqp version 2.4.1, which is now the minimum version that oslo.messaging requires.


Upgrade Notes

  • With the change in the client library used, projects using the Kafka driver should use extras oslo.messaging[kafka] to pull in dependencies for the driver.

Bug Fixes

  • Threading issues with the kafka-python consumer client were identified and documented. The driver has been updated to integrate the confluent-kafka python library. The confluent-kafka client leverages the high performance librdkafka C client and is safe for multiple thread use.



The ZMQ-based driver for RPC communications has been removed

Upgrade Notes

  • Remove deprecated configuration options from multiple drivers.

    • The rpc_backend option from the [DEFAULT] section has been removed.

    • The AMQP driver has removed the configuration options of allow_insecure_clients, username and password from the [oslo_messaging_amqp] section.

    • The Kafa driver has removed the configuration options of kafka_default_host and kafka_default_port from the [oslo_messaging_kafka] section.

    • The Rabbit driver has removed the configuration options of rabbit_host, rabbit_port, rabbit_hosts, rabbit_userid, rabbit_password, rabbit_virtual_host rabbit_max_retries and rabbit_durable_queues from the [oslo_messaging_rabbit] section.

    Operators must switch to setting the transport_url directive in the [DEFAULT] section.

Deprecation Notes

  • The driver support for the ZeroMQ messaging library is removed. Users of the oslo.messaging RPC services must use the supported rabbit (“rabbit://…”) or amqp1 (“amqp://…” )drivers.