Yoga Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The [oslo_messaging_rabbit] heartbeat_in_pthread config option defaults to False again. For wsgi applications it is recommended to set this value to True but enabling it for non-wsgi services may break such service. Please check for more details.


Upgrade Notes

  • If kombu_reconnect_delay is specified in the [oslo_messaging_rabbit] section, ensure that it is less than 5.0, the value of ACK_REQUEUE_EVERY_SECONDS_MAX

Bug Fixes

  • Increased ACK_REQUEUE_EVERY_SECONDS_MAX to resolve issues with rabbitmq HA failover.


New Features

  • Adding support for quorum queues. Quorum queues are enabled if the rabbit_quorum_queue parameter is sets (x-queue-type: quorum). Setting x-queue-type to quorum means that replicated FIFO queue based on the Raft consensus algorithm will be used. It is available as of RabbitMQ 3.8.0. The quorum queues are durable by default (amqp_durable_queues) will be ignored. when enabled the HA queues (rabbit_ha_queues) aka mirrored queues should be disabled since the queue can’t be both types at the same time