Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adding support for quorum queues. Quorum queues are enabled if the rabbit_quorum_queue parameter is sets (x-queue-type: quorum). Setting x-queue-type to quorum means that replicated FIFO queue based on the Raft consensus algorithm will be used. It is available as of RabbitMQ 3.8.0. The quorum queues are durable by default (amqp_durable_queues) will be ignored. when enabled the HA queues (rabbit_ha_queues) aka mirrored queues should be disabled since the queue can’t be both types at the same time


Bug Fixes

  • As a fix for bug 1917645 the rabbit backend is changed to use the [oslo_messaging_notifications]retry parameter when driver tries to connect to the message bus during notification sending. Before this fix the rabbit backend retried the connection forever blocking the caller thread.


Upgrade Notes

  • We undeprecated the heartbeat_in_pthread option. This option will remain available to allow customers to run the rabbitmq heartbeat in python thread or not.