Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The get_rpc_transport, get_rpc_server and get_rpc_client helper functions now have support for overriding the class that is instantiated.


New Features

  • Added new get_rpc_client function to instantiate the RPCClient class

Deprecation Notes

  • Instantiating the RPCClient class directly is deprecated in favor of using the new get_rpc_client function to expose a more common API similar to existing functions such as get_rpc_server and get_rpc_transport

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1981093] Pulls calls to logging functions out of impl_kafka._produce_message. Since _produce_message is called through tpool.execute, calling logging functions inside _produce_message could cause subsequent calls to logging functions to deadlock.

  • Force creating non durable control exchange when a precondition failed related to config that differ occuring.


Upgrade Notes

  • The [oslo_messaging_rabbit] heartbeat_in_pthread config option defaults to False again. For wsgi applications it is recommended to set this value to True but enabling it for non-wsgi services may break such service. Please check for more details.