Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adding retry strategy based on the mandatory flag. Missing exchanges and queues are now identified separately for logging purposes.

Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecating the direct_mandatory_flag. It will not be possible to deactivate this functionality anymore.


New Features

  • RPC dispatcher can have an extra endpoint named ping. This endpoint can be enabled thanks to a specific configuration parameter: [DEFAULT] rpc_ping_enabled=true # default is false

    The purpose of this new endpoint is to help operators do a RPC call (a ping) toward a specific RPC callback (e.g. a nova-compute, or a neutron-agent). This is helping a lot for monitoring agents (for example, if agents are deployed in a kubernetes pod).


Bug Fixes

  • Add a new option enable_cancel_on_failover for rabbitmq driver which when enabled, will cancel consumers when queue appears to be down.