Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support was added for WEBSSO options in WEBSSO options enables keystone web single-sign-on.


Bug Fixes

  • Horizon Offline Generation Error on ubuntu systems. Previously, the ‘ compress’ only ran on redhat. This change allows the command to be executed on ubuntu also.



This is the first Mitaka release for puppet-horizon module.

New Features

  • Allow Apache http/https ports to be configurable.

  • Use keystone v3 with horizon by default.

  • Making root_url configurable. This needs to occur to allow people the ability to serve Horizon from the root of a vhost.

  • Leave an ability to trigger collectstatic for debian/ubuntu.

  • Update of local_settings template from Mitaka.

  • Release notes are no longer maintained by hand, we now use the reno tool to manage them.

Deprecation Notes

  • Remove installation of lesscpy package, not needed since Horizon has been using pyscss.