Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added a new option websso_choices_hide_keystone. This lets you hide the ability to log in with Keystone-credentials when using federation. Be aware that this also requires you to set websso_initial_choice to a valid value.

  • The horizon::wsgi::apache class now supports customizing name of vhost log files.

  • Now the pymemcache library is automatically installed when pymemcache backend is used.

  • The new horizon::dashboards::designate class has been added. This class can be used to manage parameters for designate-dashboard.

  • The new horizon::django_template_log_level parameter has been added. This parameter controls log level of the django.template module.

  • The new horizon::system_scope_services parameter has been added.

  • The new horizon::wsgi::apache::ssl_extra_params parameter has been added. This parameter affects only ssl vhost and overrides the extra_params parameter when set.

Upgrade Notes

  • The horizon::horizon_upload_mode parameter is now always surrounded by double quotes("") when being rendered into the local_settings file. Quotes should be removed from the parameter.

  • CentOS 8 Stream is no longer supported by this module.

  • The horizon::enable_user_pass parameter has been removed. Use the horizon::dashboards::heat::enable_user_pass parameter instead.