Stein Series Release Notes



In this release Ubuntu has moved all projects that supported it to python3 which means that there will be a lot of changes. The Puppet OpenStack project does not test the upgrade path from python2 to python3 packages so there might be manual steps required when moving to the python3 packages.

Upgrade Notes

  • Ubuntu packages are now using python3, the upgrade path is not tested by Puppet OpenStack. Manual steps may be required when upgrading.


New Features

  • Added horizon::access_log_format and horizon::wsgi::apache::access_log_format that can be used to set the log format for the access log.

  • The default keystone role horizon::keystone_default_role is changed from _member_ to member to conform with what keystone-bootstrap creates. This sets the OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_DEFAULT_ROLE configuration option in local_settings.

  • Added ensure parameter to horizon::dashboard resource which defaults to present. You can now set this to absent if you want to remove a horizon dashboard package.

Upgrade Notes

  • The default keystone role horizon::keystone_default_role is changed from _member_ to member. This sets the OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_DEFAULT_ROLE config option in local_settings, if you still require or use the _member_ role as default you need to set this explicitly.


New Features

  • Added new parameter horizon::site_branding which can be used to set the SITE_BRANDING settings that controls the title of the web pages that horizon will render. The default value is undef which will not add this value to the configuration file and the horizon default value of ‘OpenStack Dashboard’ will be used.

  • Added a new parameter horizon::manage_memcache_package that can be used to determine if you want the python memcache library installed if the cache backend is set to using memcache.

Upgrade Notes

  • The os_any2array function that the Horizon module used internally is now removed and it instead uses the any2array function exposed by the stdlib module. The stdlib module introduced the any2array function in 2013 so we are now expecting that you are using atleast stdlib >= 4.0.0

  • The horizon::simple_ip_management parameter has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Django WSGI entrypoint changed from django.wsgi to file as deprecated by the Horizon project.