Rocky Series Release Notes

Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added horizon::access_log_format and horizon::wsgi::apache::access_log_format that can be used to set the log format for the access log.


New Features

  • Added a new parameter horizon::manage_memcache_package that can be used to determine if you want the python memcache library installed if the cache backend is set to using memcache.

Deprecation Notes

  • The horizon::simple_ip_management was removed in Rocky and has no effect and will be removed from the Puppet interface in Stein.


New Features

  • Added the parameter “keystone_domain_choices” to the ::horizon class. Setting this parameter would replace the domain text-field at the horizon login-page with a drop-down menu. The parameter should be an array with hashes, and the hashes should have two items each (name, display) containing the domain name and a human-readable description of the domain respectively.

  • New parameter horizon::simple_ip_manage can now be set to true to set and enable simple_ip_management in the Horizon local_settings config.

  • The wsgi_processes and wsgi_threads options that is passed to horizon::wsgi::apache can now be set in ::horizon class.

Upgrade Notes

  • The default value for horizon::wsgi::apache::wsgi_processes changed to $::os_workers

  • The default value for horizon::wsgi::apache::wsgi_threads changed to 1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where having ssl and redirection enabled combined with a empty root_url did not redirect. If you are setting listen_ssl and ssl_redirect to true it will always redirect to https no matter what your root_url is.

  • Fixed a bug where the http vhost would not redirect to the custom root_url when setting listen_ssl to true and ssl_redirect to false.


New Features

  • You can now override the http and https port to horizon by passing integers to the http_port and https_ports parameters. Default values are still the same.

  • Added new resource horizon::dashboard which can be used to install additional dashboards that is not shipped with the horizon packages. Example would be install the heat-dashboard using horizon::dashboard { ‘heat’: }

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated horizon::fqdn parameter is now removed. Please use the allowed_hosts and server_aliases parameters instead.

  • The deprecated horizon::wsgi::apache::fqdn parameter is now removed. Please use the server_aliases parameter instead.

  • The deprecated horizon::custom_theme_path parameter is now removed. Please use the available_themes parameter instead.

  • The deprecated tuskar_ui, tuskar_ui_ironic_discoverd_url, tuskar_ui_undercloud_admin_password and tuskar_ui_deployment_mode is now removed. Please remove the usage of these parameters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where passing a ‘/’ as root_url would cause faulty paths in and apache configuration. You can now set it to ‘/’ and the module will fix the correct root url for you.

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