Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added parameter to horizon class to allow configuring LAUNCH_INSTANCE_DEFAULTS.


New Features

  • Horizon has a global override mechanism available to perform customizations. This change adds customization_module key to HORIZON_CONFIG dictionary in local_settings.py. The value of the parameter should be a string with the path to the module containing modifications in dotted python path notation.


New Features

  • Allows to specify a custom root_path to static assets.

Known Issues

  • an issue with horizon having ssl handshake issues under apache with ssl endpoints. Fix adds in WSGIApplicationGroup apache directive.


Bug Fixes

  • Rectify static alias prefix since starting from Ocata on Debian platforms static files resides in /var/lib.


New Features

  • Support was added for WEBSSO options in local_settings.py.erb. WEBSSO options enables keystone web single-sign-on.

  • Making DISALLOW_IFRAME_EMBED in local_settings.py a configurable value DISALLOW_IFRAME_EMBED can be used to prevent Horizon from being embedded within an iframe

  • Making password_validator a configurable value password_validator allows operators to use a regular express to insure passwords are validated for a certain criterion, which in turn allows stronger security over password complexity


New Features

  • Support was added to enable/disable the SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER which enables horizon (via Django) to process the X-Forwarded-Proto header. This done with the “enable_secure_proxy_ssl_header” in the manifest.

  • Added ability to configure enforce_password_check


New Features

  • Added ability to configure disable_password_reveal

  • Making OPENSTACK_ENABLE_PASSWORD_RETRIEVE in local_settings.py a configurable value This allows users to retrieve the instance autogenerated password via Horizon