Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The parameter ironic::pxe::ipxe_name_base has been added, which allows alternative ipxe files to be copied to /tftpboot/ipxe.efi. For example, setting this to ‘ipxe-snponly’ on CentOS8 would result in the source file being /usr/share/ipxe/ipxe-snponly-x86_64.efi.

Bug Fixes

  • It was not possible to configre Ironic Inspector DHCP (dnsmasq) service to provide the MTU option. This caused inspection to fail when operating on a network with <1500 bytes MTU. See bug: 1845487.

  • In order to allow portability between x86_64 and ppc the syslinux-tftpboot package is used for ironix-pxe.


New Features

  • Expose the endpoint_override parameter in both ::ironic::drivers::inspector and ::ironic::service_catalog

Bug Fixes

  • In order to allow the ironic inspector dnsmasq service to receive packets after the network service is restarted, the bind-interfaces option should not be set. Since the ironic inspector is bound to the br-ctlplane interface, its not necessary to set this field as this dnsmasq instance will only service this interface.

    From the dnsmasq man page:

    -z, –bind-interfaces On systems which support it, dnsmasq binds the wildcard address, even when it is listening on only some interfaces. It then discards requests that it shouldn’t reply to. This has the advantage of working even when interfaces come and go and change address. This option forces dnsmasq to really bind only the interfaces it is listening on. About the only time when this is useful is when running another nameserver (or another instance of dnsmasq) on the same machine. Setting this option also enables multiple instances of dnsmasq which provide DHCP service to run in the same machine.

    We do run another dnsmasq instance for neutron but that is bound to the tap interface in the namespace.

  • Fixes default configuration where only a single concurrent thread was permitted per WSGI worker process, which does not match the upstream configuration where threads are enabled per each spawned worker process. This allows for greater request concurrency to prevent situations where the webserver may incorrectly return a 500 error due to the server being unable to process the request in time.


New Features

  • It enables the configuration of enabled bios interfaces and default bios interface.

  • Expose the notification_transport_url, notification_driver and notification_driver parameters in ::ironic

  • Adds ironic::conductor::conductor_group parameter to assign a group to the conductor.

  • Adds new parameter ironic::conductor::default_boot_mode to specify the default boot mode (“bios” or “uefi”) to use when no boot mode is required explicitly.

  • Adds the ironic::conductor::power_failure_recovery_interval parameter.

  • Expose the sync_power_state_interval and power_state_sync_max_retries parametes in ironic::conductor.

Upgrade Notes

  • The enabled_drivers configuration option will be unset on upgrade.

  • The deprecated parameter ironic::api::neutron_url is now removed. Please use the ironic::neutron::api_endpoint parameter instead.

  • The deprecated parameter ironic::conductor::cleaning_network_uuid is now removed. Please use the ironic::conductor::cleaning_network parameter instead.

  • The deprecated parameters swift_account, swift_temp_url_key and swift_temp_url_duration in ironic::conductor is removed. Please set these in ironic::glance instead.

  • The deprecated parameter ironic::drivers::ipmi::retry_timeout is now removed. Please use ironic::drivers::ipmi::command_retry_timeout instead.

  • The deprecated parameter ironic::inspector::dnsmasq_ip_range is now removed. Please use ironic::inspector::dnsmasq_ip_subnets. If you are using dnsmasq_ip_range please change, example:

    $dnsmasq_ip_range = ','

    Replace with:

    $dnsmasq_ip_subnets = [{'ip_range' => ','}]
  • The deprecated parameters glance_api_services, glance_api_insecure and glance_num_retries in ::ironic is now removed. Please set these in ::ironic::glance instead.

Deprecation Notes

  • The ironic::conductor::enabled_drivers option is deprecated and has no effect. Use ironic::conductor::enabled_hardware_types to configure the enabled hardware types.

  • The ironic::drivers::inspector::enabled parameter is now deprecated and has no effect. This option does not work with hardware types, and classic drivers have been removed. Use the enabled_inspect_interfaces parameter from ironic::drivers::hardware_interfaces instead.


New Features

  • Adds the pool_timeout option for configuring oslo.db. This will configure this value for pool_timeout with SQLAlchemy.

  • Add new option ironic::inspector::db::database_db_max_retries. The database_db_max_retries parameter regulates the number of reconnection attempts performed after an error raised rather than at startup.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated ironic::rabbit_host, ironic::rabbit_hosts, ironic::rabbit_password, ironic::rabbit_port, ironic::rabbit_userid and ironic::rabit_virtual_host are now removed. Please use ironic::default_transport_url instead.


New Features

  • Adds ironic::inspector::always_store_ramdisk_logs parameter.

  • Adds support for the dnsmasq PXE filter driver in ironic-inspector.

  • Supports configuring rescue mode:

    • Adds support for default_rescue_interface and enabled_rescue_interfaces to ironic::drivers::interfaces.

    • Adds support for configuring rescue network via rescuing_network or rescuing_network_name in ironic::conductor.

  • Add openstack-db tag to Exec that run db-sync.

Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecated keystone::authtoken::revocation_cache_time option has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • auth_uri is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use www_authenticate_uri instead.