Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The ironic::conductor class now supports the following two new parameters.

    • heartbeat_interval

    • heartbeat_timeout

  • The pxe parameter uefi_pxe_bootfile_name is now managed by puppet, keeping the ironic default of bootx64.efi.

    The shim EFI binary is copied to the TFTP root directory, to a file named the value of uefi_pxe_bootfile_name. The grub EFI binary is copied to the TFTP root directory to a file named grubx64.efi.

    With these changes, using the pxe boot driver with UEFI boot will result in a grub network boot which is Secure Boot capable.

Bug Fixes

  • Now the ironic::pxe class properly installs the pxelinux.0 file using the separate pxelinux package in Debian and Ubuntu. The new pxelinux_file_path parameter can be used to determine the source path to locate the file. When this parameter is set to false then the class does not manage the file.

  • The wrong source directory to copy syslinux files in Debiand or Ubuntu has been fixed.

  • Now the tftpd-hap package is installed insted of the tftpd package in Debian and Ubuntu.


New Features

  • The new dnsmasq_log_faciliy parameter has been added to the following two classes.

    • ironic::pxe

    • ironic::inspector

  • Now puppet-ironic supports managing the [glance] swift_account_prefix parameter, using the ironic::glance::swift_account_prefix parameter.

  • The new system_scope parameter has been added to the following classes.

    • ironic::cinder

    • ironic::glance

    • ironic::neutron

    • ironic::service_catalog

    • ironic::swift

    • ironic::inspector::ironic

    • ironic::inspector::swift