Ussuri Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Supports configuring max_command_attempts and command_timeout in ironic::drivers::agent.

  • The new ironic::keystone::authtoken::interface parameter has been added, which can be used to set the interface parameter in authtoken middleware.


New Features

  • For baremetal operations on DHCPv6-stateful networks multiple IPv6 addresses can now be allocated for neutron ports created for provisioning, cleaning, rescue or inspection. The new parameter ironic::neutron::dhcpv6_stateful_address_count controls the number of addresses to allocate.

  • The ironic::drivers::inspector::region_name was added so that operatos can specify the keystone region where identity resources are created.

  • The following classes were added to configure keystone credentials used in ironic-inspector.

    • ironic::inspector::ironic

    • ironic::inspector::service_catalog

    • ironic::inspector::swift

  • The parameter ironic::pxe::ipxe_name_base has been added, which allows alternative ipxe files to be copied to /tftpboot/ipxe.efi. For example, setting this to ‘ipxe-snponly’ on CentOS8 would result in the source file being /usr/share/ipxe/ipxe-snponly-x86_64.efi.

  • Added the parameter port_physnet_cidr_map which takes a hash mapping IP subnet CIDR to physical network. When the physnet_cidr_map processing hook is enabled the physical_network property of baremetal ports is populated based on this mapping.

Deprecation Notes

  • The ironic::conductor::api_url parameter was deprecated because its actual parameter was deprecated in ironic. Use ironic::service_catalog::endpoint_override instead.

  • The swift_* parameters and ironic_* parameters in the ironic::inspector class are deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use parameters in the following new classes instead.

    • ironic::inspector::ironic

    • ironic::inspector::service_catalog

    • ironic::inspector::swift

  • The ironic::inspector::ironic_url parameter is deprecated and now has no effect. Use ironic::inspector::ironic::endpoint_override instead.


New Features

  • The following parameters were added so that operatos can specify the keystone region where identity resources are created.

    • ironic::cinder::region_name

    • ironic::glance::region_name

    • ironic::neutron::region_name

    • ironic::swift::region_name

    • ironic::service_catalog::region_name

  • New manifest “ironic::nova” to set parameters for connecting to nova.

Deprecation Notes

  • The ironic::conductor::max_time_interval was deprecated and has no effect. The parameter will be removed in a future release.


Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecated idle_timeout option has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • database_min_pool_size option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.


New Features

  • New parameter, ironic::keystone::auth::roles is introduced to configure customized role for ironic user in keystone identity.


New Features

  • Allows configuring callback_endpoint_override, power_off and extra_kernel_params in ironic::drivers::inspector.

  • Allows setting inspection_network (or inspection_network_name) in ironic::conductor.

  • Added ‘ironic/ironic_url’,’swift/container’ parameters to manifests/inspector.pp

Bug Fixes

  • For DHCPv6 PXE boot, the Client Architecture option code (61) as defined in is different than the one for DHCP. This is used to determine if booting over EFI. This change sets the DHCPv6 bootfile-url when booting PXE over EFI.