Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Non-IP traffic is allowed in L2 and L3 Domains. The default_allow_non_ip setting determines if non-ip traffic is allowed in Nuage specific L2 and L3 domains.

  • Add new configuration parameters for the Cisco UCSM ML2 driver

    The following new configuration parameters are now being supported by the UCSM ML2 driver. * ucsm_https_verify * sp_template_list * vnic_template_list

  • Adds ‘neutron::agents::ml2::ovs::tunnel_csum’ Set or un-set the tunnel header checksum on outgoing IP packet carrying GRE/VXLAN tunnel in ovs agent.

  • Add openstack-db tag to Exec that run db-sync.

  • Optionally users can set device_driver value in lbaas_agent.ini to $::os_service_default

Deprecation Notes

  • Nexus: Configuration clean-up

    This changeset deprecates old configurations not used in the code and others to be aged out mostly due to code improvements such as implementation of the Nexusu RESTAPI driver. The RESTAPI driver replaces use of the ncclient driver. The ncclient driver will be removed along with any tuning configuration that goes with it.


New Features

  • Adds ovs_integration_bridge config option in neutron.conf and adds ovs_veth_use config option in lbaas_agent.ini


New Features

  • Adds ability to configure OpenDayight features which will override the default behavior of negotiating features with ODL.

  • A new systemd service neutron-destroy-patch-ports was introduced on RHEL based systems. The service is executed only on boot and its purpose is to clean up patch ports between the Neutron integration bridge and other configured provider bridges.

  • neutron auth provider has been switch to use keystone API v3.

  • Add parameter to apacher_wsgi to allow overwrite and/or add additional wsgi process options.

Deprecation Notes

  • neutron::agents::l3::send_arp_for_ha is deprecated in Ocata, and will be removed in Pike

  • neutron::server::qos_notification_drivers is deprecated in Ocata, and will be removed in a future release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes vhostuser port prefix to be the correct value of ‘vhu’.


New Features

  • It is now possible to configure the service credentials needed by the LBaaS service , specifically the service_auth section in Neutron.

  • Added nuage configuration file under neutron-server configuration directory so that neutron-server can pick up the configuration file on startup. This change creates nuage_plugin.conf symlink under the folder /etc/neutron/conf.d/neutron-server.

  • The parameter metadata_host was added to the metadata agent resource. This sets the nova_metadata_host value which is meant to replace the nova_metadata_ip value and allows you to set hostnames instead of just IPs.

Deprecation Notes

  • neutron::rpc_backend is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use neutron::default_transport_url instead.


New Features

  • Additional support for Nuage is added in neutron, as a result of which Nuage can be plugged into neutron as ML2 mechanism driver. This feature is in addition to the option of usign Nuage as the core plugin. This change adds neutron::plugins::ml2::nuage

  • Adds support for host config for OVS when used with OpenDaylight pseudo-agent port binding.

Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecated keystone authtoken signing_dir option is removed in Pike.

Bug Fixes

  • Removing the default value for odl_username and odl_password

Other Notes

  • Removed deprecated neutron::services::lbaas::service_providers

  • Removed deprecated neutron::services::lbaas::package_ensure

  • Removed deprecated neutron::server::ensure_lbaas_package


New Features

  • New option enable_dvr is now exposed. The option is added in Pike, and it allows to disable dvr API extension exposure when it’s known the deployment is not configured to support DVR routers.

  • Neutron API can now be deployed in WSGI with Apache, like we support it for other modules. Switch neutron::server::service_name to ‘httpd’ and use neutron::wsgi::apache class to deploy it.

  • Add support to deploy VMware NSX plugin.

Other Notes

  • Removed deprecated option neutron::memcache_servers.

  • Removed deprecated option neutron::mac_generation_retries.



L2 Gateway (L2GW) is an API framework for OpenStack that offers bridging two or more networks together to make them look at a single broadcast domain. A typical use case is bridging the virtual with the physical networks

New Features

  • Added additional configuration parameters for the bigswitch restproxy plugin configuration. Added the ability to configure cache_connections, keystone_sync_interval, no_Ssl_validation, `server_timeout, sync_data, and thread_pool_size

  • Add support to deploy l2gw plugin and agent in Neutron.

  • Added Openstack Client for Neutron providers. It will help to add new provider classes for puppet Neutron module.

Upgrade Notes

  • Switched the bigswitch restproxy configuration to use $::os_service_default for parameters that match the upstream default. It should be noted that the default values for ssl_cert_directory and neutron_id do not match the defaults from the networking-bigswitch classes and have been left alone.

Deprecation Notes

  • The MidoNet API does not exist anymore. Starting in the MidoNet 5.0 release the API is now called Cluster. Hence we are deprecating the “midonet_api_*” parameter in favor of “midonet_cluster_*”.

  • Parameter ‘supported_pci_vendor_devs’ of the class neutron::plugins::ml2 has been deprecated, as this configuration is removed in neutron in Ocata.