Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added new parameters radvd_user that can define the username passed to radvd.

  • Add possibility to configure the size of executor thread pool.

  • Add a new configuration option called “ovn_emit_need_to_frag” to the “ovn” section of etc/neutron/plugins/ml2_conf.ini. This new option tells ovn whether it should emit “need to frag” packets in case of MTU mismatch. Before enabling this configuration make sure that its supported by the host kernel (version >= 5.2) or by checking the output of the following command: ovs-appctl -t ovs-vswitchd dpif/show-dp-features br-int | grep “Check pkt length action”. Defaults to False.

  • This parameter sets inactive probe interval of the JSON session from ovn-metadata to the OVN SB database. By default this it is 5s which not be sufficient in loaded systems or during high control-plane activity spikes, leading to unnecessary reconnections to OVSDB server. Now it is extended by default to 1 min and it is configurable by param OVNRemoteProbeInterval.