Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new neutron::healthcheck class has been added. This class manages parameters of healthcheck middlware in oslo.middleware.

  • There is now a new policy_dirs parameter in the neutron::policy class, so one can set a custom path.

  • A new class neutron::wsgi::uwsgi exist to allow configuring uwsgi in operating systems that support this (ie: currently Debian). This helps configuring the number of processes, threads and listen socket. Also, a new neutron_api_wsgi_config provider now exist.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated parameters have been removed.

    • neutron::ml2::server::placement::project_domain_id

    • neutron::ml2::server::placement::user_domain_id

    • neutron::ml2::networking_baremetal::project_domain_id

    • neutron::ml2::networking_baremetal::user_domain_id

  • The neutron::agents::ml2::ovs::ovsdb_interface parameter has been removed.

  • The following four parmaeters have been removed.

    • neutron::plugins::ml2::mech_driver::ovs_vnic_type_blacklist

    • neutron::plugins::ml2::mech_driver::sriov_vnic_type_blacklist

    • neutron::plugins::ml2::ovs_driver

    • neutron::plugins::ml2::sriov_driver

  • The following parameters of the neutron::rootwrap class have been removed.

    • xenapi_connection_url

    • xenapi_connection_username

    • xenapi_connection_password

Deprecation Notes

  • Support for the midonet plugin has been deprecated and has no effect now. It will be removed completely in a future release.