Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Now this module supports configuration of networking-baremetal in Debian and Ubuntu. Previously it was supported in RHEL/CentOS only.

  • The neutron::agents::ovn_metadata class now supports the following two new parameters.

    • ovsdb_probe_interval parameter to configure [ovn]ovsdb_probe_interval in ovn metadata agent config file.

    • ovsdb_retry_max_interval parameter to configure [ovn]ovsdb_retry_max_interval in ovn metadata agent config file.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1987460: Previously the neutron::agents::ml2::mlnx class causes duplicate resources when used with the neutron::agents::dhcp class or the neutron::agents::l3 class. Now it is possible to workaround the error by implementing the following mitigation.

    • Include the neutron::agents::ml2::mlnx class AFTER the neutron::agents::dhcp class or the neutron::agents::l3

    • Set the interface_driver parameter and the dhcp_broadcast_reply parameter consistently.


New Features

  • Add socket keepalive options for the pymemcache (dogpile.cache) backend.

  • The following parameters have been added to the neutron::agent::dhcp class.

    • dnsmasq_base_log_dir

    • dnsmasq_lease_max

Deprecation Notes

  • Support for networking-bigswitch has been deprecated because the plugin is unmaintained.

  • Support for Nuage core plugin has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • The following resource types have been using the credential written in the [keystone_authtoken] section of neutron.conf. However this behavior has been deprecated and now these resource types first look for the yaml files in /etc/openstack/puppet. Make sure one of clouds.yaml or admin-clouds.yaml (which is created by puppet-keystone) is created in that directory.

    • neutron_network

    • neutron_subnet

    • neutron_port

    • neutron_router

    • neutron_router_interface

    • neutron_security_group