2024.1 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The following classes now support the new allowed_digests parameter.

    • swift::proxy::formpost

    • swift::proxy::tempurl

  • The following parameters have been added to the swift::container::reconciler class.

    • concurrency

    • process

    • processes

  • The following parameters are now optional and default to /dev/${name}.

    • swift::storage::ext4::device

    • swift::storage::mount::device

  • The following parameters have been added to the swift::storage::ext4 defined resource type.

    • mount_type

    • manage_filesystem

    • label

  • The new swift::storage::server::log_name_per_daemon parameter has been added. If this parameter is set to true, it configures the log_name option differently for each daemon, which may help splitting log destinations per daemon. For example, the object-replicator log_name will be object-replicator, the object-updater log_name will be object-updater and so on.

  • The new swift::objectexpirer::log_name option has been added.

  • The following options have been added to the swift::containerreconciler class.

    • log_name

    • log_level

    • log_facility

  • Now object-server.conf file contains the [object-relinker] section, which is used by the swift-object-relinker CLI tool.

  • The purge_config parameter has been added to the following classes and defined resource types

    • swift

    • swift::containerreconciler

    • swift::internal_client

    • swift::memcache

    • swift::objectexpirer

    • swift::storage::server

  • The new swift::proxy::read_only class has been added.

  • The swift::storage::disk defined resource type now supports the following parameters.

    • filesystem_type

    • mount_type

    • label

  • The swift::storage::server defined resource type now supports the following parameters.

    • conn_timeout and node_timeout for global values

    • updater_conn_timeout and updater_node_timeout for container-updater and account-updater

    • replicator_conn_timeout and replicator_node_timeout for object-replicator, container-replicator and account-replicator

    • reaper_node_timeout and reaper_node_timeout for account-reaper

    • container_sharder_container_timeout and container_sharder_node_timeout for container-sharder

  • The swift::storage::servce defined resource type now supports the following parameters.

    • updater_interval used by container-updater and object-updater

    • reaper_interval used by account-reaper

  • The swift::storage::xfs defined resource type now supports type => 'label', which uses filesystem label for mount. When this is used, the defined type adds the label, according to the new label parameter, which defaults to the title, when creating a XFS file system.

Upgrade Notes

  • Default value of swift::containererconciler::pipeline has been updated and the default pipeline now contains the cache middleware.

  • The swift::storage::xfs::device parameter no longer accepts an empty string. Use the default value or give an actual device path.

  • The swift::objectexpirer::auto_create_account_prefix parameter has been removed.

  • The default password value has been removed and now the password parameters are required.

Deprecation Notes

  • The swift::storage::server::config_file_path parameter has been deprecated and has no effect.

Bug Fixes

  • container-reconciler is now configured to use the local2 facility by default.