Mitaka Series Release Notes


Security Issues

  • Updated file permissions for CVE-2016-9590. Fixes configuration file permissions for the proxy server and storage servers. The permissions were getting incorrectly changed from 0640 to 0644 due to lack of the explict setting of mode on the concat resources.


New Features

  • Add ability to configure container_sync middleware.

  • Add ability to manage swift container-sync-realms config for specifying the allowable clusters and their information.



This is the first Mitaka release for puppet-swift module.

New Features

  • Update Ceilometer proxy to support Oslo Messaging.

  • Allow to manage Swift service with swiftinit service provider. This is an initial step towards using swift-init to manage multiple swift services out of different configuration files such as is needed to run a separate replication network.

  • swift-ring-builder 2.2.2+ output parsing support.

  • Add support to change meta entry for ring devices.

  • Release notes are no longer maintained by hand, we now use the reno tool to manage them.

Deprecation Notes

  • Create ring builders under swift user instead of root.

  • Change defaults fro incoming/outgoing chmod for rsync. Defaults are now Du=rwx,g=rx,o=rx,Fu=rw,g=r,o=r.

  • Set mount_check to True by default.

  • Stop calling ::concat::setup, that is a deprecate class.

  • swift_hash_suffix is now deprecated and swift_hash_path_suffix with swift_hash_path_prefix should be used.