Ussuri Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add swift::proxy::domain_remap class to configure domain_remap middleware for swift proxy.

  • Add swift::proxy::symlink class to configure symlink middleware for swift proxy.

  • Add rsync max_connections config and add rsync_use_xinetd parameter to support to not use xinetd for rsync

  • For s3token class, add more parameters: reseller_prefix, delay_auth_decision, http_timeout, secret_cache_duration, and keystone credential parameters used for secret caching: auth_uri, auth_type, username, password, project_name, project_domain_id, user_domain_id


New Features

  • swift::proxy::authtoken::service_token_roles and swift::proxy::authtoken::service_token_roles_required were added to add support for the authtoken parameters related to service token feature

  • Add swift::proxy::authtoken::region_name and swift::proxy::ceilometer::region_name to specify keystone region where we expect identity resources like swift user are created.

Deprecation Notes

  • swift::proxy::ceilometer::auth_uri was deprecated and has no affect, because auth_uri parameter is no more valid in ceilometer middleware.


New Features

  • Added swift::proxy::audit class to configure audit middleware for Swift proxy.

  • Add ability to configure swift-recon-cron job.


New Features

  • On proxy class, added two new parameters object_chunk_size and client_chunk_size, that can be used to configure chunk size to read from object servers and from clients side. On storage::server class, added three new parameters network_chunk_size, disk_chunk_size and auditor_disk_chunk_size, that can be used to configure chunk size to read/write over the network and to the disk.

  • Added new parameter client_timeout to proxy class that can be used to configure the timeout to read one chunk from a client.

  • Added new parameter memcache_max_connections to proxy::cache class that can be used to configure the maximum number of connections to each memcached server per worker.