Ussuri Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add swift::proxy::domain_remap class to configure domain_remap middleware for swift proxy.

  • Add swift::proxy::symlink class to configure symlink middleware for swift proxy.

  • Add TLS options for Memcached TLS connections.

  • Add rsync max_connections config and add rsync_use_xinetd parameter to support to not use xinetd for rsync

  • For s3token class, add more parameters: reseller_prefix, delay_auth_decision, http_timeout, secret_cache_duration, and keystone credential parameters used for secret caching: auth_uri, auth_type, username, password, project_name, project_domain_id, user_domain_id

  • The nobarrier XFS mount option is removed from kernel 4.19.0 and beyond. It has no effect on kernel 4.10.0. Therefore, it is now removed from the default mount options. Also, puppet-swift now adds the nofail option, so that a swift store node finishes to boot even if an HDD mount is failed.

  • The new swift::proxy::authtoken::interface parameter has been added, which can be used to set the interface parameter in authtoken middleware.


New Features

  • swift::proxy::authtoken::service_token_roles and swift::proxy::authtoken::service_token_roles_required were added to add support for the authtoken parameters related to service token feature

  • Add swift::proxy::authtoken::region_name and swift::proxy::ceilometer::region_name to specify keystone region where we expect identity resources like swift user are created.

Deprecation Notes

  • swift::proxy::ceilometer::auth_uri was deprecated and has no affect, because auth_uri parameter is no more valid in ceilometer middleware.


New Features

  • Added swift::proxy::audit class to configure audit middleware for Swift proxy.

  • Add ability to configure swift-recon-cron job.


New Features

  • On proxy class, added two new parameters object_chunk_size and client_chunk_size, that can be used to configure chunk size to read from object servers and from clients side. On storage::server class, added three new parameters network_chunk_size, disk_chunk_size and auditor_disk_chunk_size, that can be used to configure chunk size to read/write over the network and to the disk.

  • Added new parameter client_timeout to proxy class that can be used to configure the timeout to read one chunk from a client.

  • Added new parameter memcache_max_connections to proxy::cache class that can be used to configure the maximum number of connections to each memcached server per worker.