Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add device_type param to support mount disk partitions by UUID, this is more helpful than device path in production environment.

  • Add support of external args in running parted command. When mounting device by uuid, this param should be set to a appropriate value.

Bug Fixes

  • Added the object-reconstructor service and enabled it by default. This is required for erasure coding.

  • The systemd service for Swift containersync is now enabled by default without a distribution check.


Bug Fixes

  • Add ignore projects setting to filter:ceilometer in proxy server config.

  • Set the default log facility to LOCAL2 for all services.


New Features

  • It is possible to set the basic SSL options for the ceilometermiddleware’s notifications on swift-proxy.

  • Adds a warning when ports 6000-6002 are used for object, container, and/or account storage servers. LP#1521339

Upgrade Notes

  • Operators shoud prepare for the port change by specifying ports for the object storage server, container storage server, and account storage server.

Bug Fixes

  • puppet-swift will no longer raise an error if swift-ring-builder rebalance returns an exit code of 1. This is a warning but not an error in swift-ring-builder; errors use an exit code of 2 in swift-ring-builder.