Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Now this module supports configurion options in /etc/swift/internal-client.conf`.

  • The swift::proxy::ceilometer class now supports the following new parameters to manage options for Rabbit driver in oslo.messaging library.

    • rabbit_ha_queues

    • heartbeat_timeout_threshold

    • heartbeat_rate

    • heartbeat_in_pthread

    • rabbit_qos_prefetch_count

    • amqp_durable_queues

    • kombu_reconnect_delay

    • kombu_failover_strategy

    • kombu_compression


New Features

  • Adds new parameters to set system and project reader role configs in Swift.

  • The new rsync_use_xinetd parameter has been added to the following classes, to add the ability to enable/disable usage of xinetd to run rsync server.

    • swift::ringserver

    • swift::storage::all


New Features

  • Support for the cname_lookup middlehware has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • The default value of swift::proxy::pipeline has been updated to enable some fundamental middlewares by default. Because of this change, the following classes should be included unless the pipeline parameter is explicitly set.

    • swift::proxy::catch_errors

    • swift::proxy::gatekeeper

    • swift::proxy::proxy_logging

    • swift::proxy::listing_formats

    • swift::proxy::copy