Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Support to wait for volume creation until it completes. The command is: cinder create --poll <volume_size>

  • --profile argument can be loaded from OS_PROFILE environment variable to avoid repeating --profile in openstack commands.

  • Support get volume summary command in V3.12.


New Features

  • Added support for replication group APIs enable_replication, disable_replication, failover_replication and list_replication_targets.

  • Added support for the revert-to-snapshot feature.

  • Support microversion 3.32 that allows dynamically changing and querying Cinder services’ log levels with service-set-log and service-get-log commands.

  • Enabled like filter support in these list commands. - list - snapshot-list - backup-list - group-list - group-snapshot-list - attachment-list - message-list

  • Support show group with list-volume argument. The command is : cinder group-show {group_id} –list-volume

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1705093 by having the cinderclient.client.get_highest_client_server_version method return a string rather than a float. The problem with returning a float is when a user of that method would cast the float result to a str which turns 3.40, for example, into “3.4” which is wrong.

Other Notes

  • The useless consistencygroup quota operation has been removed.


New Features

  • Added new command list-filters to retrieve enabled resource filters, Added new option --filters to these list commands:

    • list

    • snapshot-list

    • backup-list

    • group-list

    • group-snapshot-list

    • attachment-list

    • message-list

    • get-pools


New Features

  • Use ‘cinder reset-state’ as generic resource reset state command for resource ‘volume’, ‘snapshot’, ‘backup’ ‘group’ and ‘group-snapshot’. Also change volume’s default status from ‘available’ to none when no status is specified.

  • Cinderclient now supports noauth mode using –os-auth-type noauth param. Also python-cinderclient now supports keystoneauth1 plugins.

Deprecation Notes

  • –bypass-url param is now deprecated. Please use –os-endpoint instead of it. –os-auth-system param is now deprecated. Please –os-auth-type instead of it.

Bug Fixes

  • The mountpoint argument was ignored when creating an attachment and now has been fixed. [Bug 1675973]

  • The ‘tenant’ argument was ignored when listing attachments, and now has been fixed. [Bug 1675974]

  • The ‘server_id’ is now a required parameter when creating an attachment, that means we should create an attachment with a command like, ‘cinder attachment-create <volume> <server_id>’. [Bug 1675975]


Other Notes

  • The cinder credentials command has not worked for several releases. The preferred alternative is to us the openstack token issue command, therefore the cinder credentials command has been removed.