Train Series Release Notes



This is a major version release of python-cinderclient. Backwards compatibility has been removed for some long standing deprecations and support for the Cinder v1 API has been removed. Prior to upgrading to this release, ensure all Cinder services that need to be managed are 13.0.0 (Rocky) or later.

New Features

  • Automatic version negotiation for the cinderclient CLI. If an API version is not specified, the CLI will use the newest supported by the client and the server. If an API version newer than the server supports is requested, the CLI will fall back to the newest version supported by the server and issue a warning message. This does not affect cinderclient library usage.

  • Starting with microversion 3.59, the cinder transfer-list command now supports the --sort argument to sort the returned results. This argument takes either just the attribute to sort on, or the attribute and the sort direction. Examples include cinder transfer-list --sort=id and cinder transfer-list --sort=name:asc.

Upgrade Notes

  • Adding is_public support in --filters option for type-list and group-type-list command. This option is used to filter volume types and group types on the basis of visibility. This option has 3 possible values : True, False, None with details as follows :

    • True: List public types only

    • False: List private types only

    • None: List both public and private types

  • This version of the python-cinderclient no longer supports the Cinder v1 API. Ensure all mananaged services have at least the v2 API available prior to upgrading this client.

  • The cinder endpoints command was deprecated and has now been removed. The command openstack catalog list should be used instead.

  • The cinder credentials command was deprecated and has now been removed. The command openstack token issue should be used instead.

  • The use of --os_tenant_name, --os_tenant_id and the environment variables OS_TENANT_NAME and OS_TENANT_ID have been deprecated for several releases and have now been removed. After upgrading, use the equivalent --os_project_name, --os_project_id, OS_PROJECT_NAME and OS_PROJECT_ID.

  • The deprecated volume create option --allow-multiattach has now been removed. Multiattach capability is now controlled using volume-type extra specs.

  • Support for the deprecated --sort_key and --sort_dir arguments have now been dropped. Use the supported --sort argument instead.



The replication v1 have been removed from cinder, the volume promote/reenable replication on the command line have now been removed.

New Features

  • Starting with API microversion 3.56, backup-list and backup-show will include the User ID denoting the user that created the backup.

Bug Fixes

  • The discover_version function in the cinderclient.api_versions module was documented to return the most recent API version supported by both the client and the target Block Storage API endpoint, but it was not taking into account the highest API version supported by the client. Its behavior has been corrected in this release. [Bug 1826286]