Wallaby Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • When attaching to a host, we don’t need a server id so it shouldn’t be mandatory to be supplied with attachment-create operation. The server_id parameter is made optional so we can create attachments without passing it. The backward compatibility is maintained so we can pass it like how we currently do if required.



The Wallaby release of the python-cinderclient supports Block Storage API version 2 and Block Storage API version 3 through microversion 3.64. (The maximum microversion of the Block Storage API in the Wallaby release is 3.64.)

New Features

  • Enhance the backup-restore shell command to support restoring to a new volume created with a specific volume type and/or in a different AZ. New --volume-type and --availability-zone arguments are compatible with cinder API microversion v3.47 onward.

  • Added support to display the volume_type_id attribute in volume detail output when used with Block Storage API microversion 3.63 and higher.

  • Added support to display the encryption_key_id attribute in volume detail and backup detail output when used with Block Storage API microversion 3.64 and higher.


Bug Fixes

  • Bug #1867061: Fixed raw Python error message when using cinder without a subcommand while passing an optional argument, such as --os-volume-api-version.