Xena Series Release Notes



The Xena release of the python-cinderclient supports Block Storage API version 3 through microversion 3.66. (The maximum microversion of the Block Storage API in the Xena release is 3.66.)

New Features

  • Adds support for Block Storage API version 3.66, which drops the requirement of a ‘force’ flag to create a snapshot of an in-use volume. Although the ‘force’ flag is invalid for the snapshot-create call for API versions 3.66 and higher, for backward compatibility the cinderclient follows the Block Storage API in silently ignoring the flag when it is passed with a value that evaluates to True.

  • Supports Block Storage API version 3.65, which displays a boolean consumes_quota field on volume and snapshot detail responses and which allows filtering volume and snapshot list responses using the standard --filters [<key=value> [<key=value> ...]] option to the cinder list or cinder snapshot-list commands.

    Filtering by this field may not always be possible in a cloud. Use the cinder list-filters command to see what filters are available in the cloud you are using.

Upgrade Notes

  • The python-cinderclient no longer supports version 2 of the Block Storage API. The last version of the python-cinderclient supporting that API is the 7.x series.


Upgrade Notes

  • This release drops support of the Block Storage API v2. The last version of the python-cinderclient supporting that API is the 7.x series.

Bug Fixes

  • When attaching to a host, we don’t need a server id so it shouldn’t be mandatory to be supplied with attachment-create operation. The server_id parameter is made optional so we can create attachments without passing it. The backward compatibility is maintained so we can pass it like how we currently do if required.

  • Bug #1915996: Passing client certificates for mTLS connections was not supported and now has been fixed.