Rocky Series Release Notes



This release fixes the issue that functionality had been implemented in the previous release to handle up to microversion 3.55 of the Block Storage API, but the cinderclient was under the impression that it could only handle up to microversion 3.52.

Known Issues

  • There is a possible backward incompatability issue that could affect consumers of the cinderclient.client.get_highest_client_server_version(url) method. It might have been expected that the 4.0.x series of releases would be capped at microversion 3.52; however, in this release, that method may return up to microversion 3.55. Ordinarily, this would be signaled by incrementing the minor version of the cinderclient; however, that cannot be done for this release because the 4.1.x series has already been released from the stein branch.

Upgrade Notes

  • This version of the cinderclient can communicate with the Block Storage API up to microversion 3.55. The previous release could only handle up to microversion 3.52.


Bug Fixes

  • An issue was discovered with the way API microversions were handled for the new volume-transfer with snapshot handling with microversion 3.55. This release includes a fix to keep backwards compatibility with earlier releases. See bug #1784703 for more details.


New Features

  • Added the ability to specify the read-write or read-only mode of an attachment starting with microversion 3.54. The command line usage is cinder attachment-create –mode [rw|ro].

  • Starting with microversion 3.55, the volume transfer command now has the ability to exclude a volume’s snapshots when transferring a volume to another project. The new command format is cinder transfer-create –no-snapshots.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following CLI options were deprecated for one or more releases and have now been removed:


    This option has been replaced by --os-endpoint-type.


    This option has been replaced by --os-endpoint.


    This option has been replaced by --os-auth-type.

  • The volume creation argument --source-replica on the command line and the source_replica kwarg for the create() call when using the cinderclient library were for the replication v1 support that was removed in the Mitaka release. These options have now been removed.


New Features

  • Support cross AZ backup creation specifying desired backup service AZ (added in microversion v3.51)

  • New command option --filters is added to type-list command to support filter types since 3.52, and it’s only valid for administrator.