Rocky Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The --hint option for the boot command expects a key-value argument. Previously, if this was not the case, the argument would be silently ignored. It will now raise an error.

Bug Fixes

  • The user data argument in the nova rebuild command was passing the filename as userdata. Now this passes the contents of the file as intended.


New Features

  • Added support for microversion 2.63, which includes the following changes:

    • New environment variable called OS_TRUSTED_IMAGE_CERTIFICATE_IDS

    • New nova boot option called --trusted-image-certificate-id

    • New nova rebuild options called --trusted-image-certificate-id and --trusted-image-certificates-unset

    • New kwarg called trusted_image_certificates added to python API bindings:

      • novaclient.v2.servers.ServerManager.create()

      • novaclient.v2.servers.ServerManager.rebuild()

  • Added support for microversion 2.64, which includes the following changes:

    • The --rule options is added to the nova server-group-create CLI that enables user to create server group with specific policy rules.

    • Remove metadata column in the output of nova server-group-create, nova server-group-get, nova server-group-list.

    • Remove policies column, add policy and rules columns in the output of nova server-group-create, nova server-group-get, nova server-group-list.

  • Support has been added for the compute API 2.65 microversion. This allows calling nova live-migration-abort on live migrations that are in queued or preparing status in addition to the already accepted running status.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated --bypass-url command line argument has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The --endpoint-override command line argument has been deprecated. It is renamed to --os-endpoint-override to avoid misinterpreting command line arguments. It defaults to the OS_ENDPOINT_OVERRIDE environment variable. See bug 1778536 for more details.

Bug Fixes

  • A fix is made for bug 1744118 which adds the below missing CLI arguments.






New Features

  • Adds support for microversion 2.62 which adds host (hostname) and hostId (an obfuscated hashed host id string) fields to the instance action GET /servers/{server_id}/os-instance-actions/{req_id} API.

    The event columns are already included in the result of “nova instance-action <server> <request-id>” command, therefore does not have any CLI or python API binding impacts in the client.

Upgrade Notes

  • The nova server-group-create command now only supports specifying a single policy name when creating the server group. This is to match the server-side API validation.


New Features

  • Added new client API and CLI (nova instance-usage-audit-log) to get server usage audit logs. By default, it lists usage audits for all servers on all compute hosts where usage auditing is configured. If you specify the --before option, the result is filtered by the date and time before which to list server usage audits.

  • Provides “–strict” option for “nova host-servers-migrate”, “nova host-evacuate”, “nova host-evacuate-live” and “nova host-meta” commands. When “–strict” option is used, the action will be applied to a single compute with the exact hypervisor hostname string match rather than to the computes with hostname substring match. When the specified hostname does not exist in the system, “NotFound” error code will be returned.

Upgrade Notes

  • The flavor-delete command no longer prints out the details of the deleted flavor. On successful deletion, there is no output.

Deprecation Notes

  • novaclient.utils.add_resource_manager_extra_kwargs_hook and novaclient.utils.get_resource_manager_extra_kwargs were designed for supporting extensions in nova/novaclient. Nowadays, this “extensions” feature is abandoned and both add_resource_manager_extra_kwargs_hook, add_resource_manager_extra_kwargs_hook are not used in novaclient’s code. These methods are not documented, so we are removing them without standard deprecation cycle.

Other Notes

  • Starting from microversion 2.61, the responses of the ‘Flavor’ APIs include the ‘extra_specs’ parameter. Therefore ‘Flavors extra-specs’ (os-extra_specs) API calls have been removed in the following commands since microversion 2.61.

    • nova flavor-list

    • nova flavor-show

    There are no behavior changes in the CLI. This is just a performance optimization.