Ussuri Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added the following filters support for the nova list command, these filters are admin-only restricted until microversion 2.82:

    • –availability-zone

    • –config-drive

    • –no-config-drive

    • –key-name

    • –power-state

    • –task-state

    • –vm-state

    • –progress

    Existing user filter will be available to non admin since microversion 2.83.

  • Support is added for compute API microversion 2.85. This adds the ability to update an attached volume with a delete_on_termination, which specify if the attached volume should be deleted when the server is destroyed.

    • The --delete-on-termination and --no-delete-on-termination options are added to the nova volume-update CLI.

    • New kwarg called delete_on_termination added to the python API binding:

    • novaclient.v2.volumes.VolumeManager.update_server_volume()

Known Issues

  • The nova show command will no longer output the user_data column. This is traditionally binary data of limited value from a CLI perspective.

Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2 is no longer supported. Python 3 is required.


New Features

  • Added support for microversion 2.80 which adds user_id and project_id filter parameters to the GET /os-migrations API.

    New kwargs project_id and user_id have been added to the following python API binding:

    • novaclient.v2.migrations.MigrationManager.list

    The following CLI changes have been made:

    • The --project-id and --user-id options are added to the nova migration-list CLI.

    • The nova server-migration-list and nova server-migration-show commands will show the Project ID and User ID values when using microversion 2.80 or greater.

  • Added support for microversion 2.81 which adds image pre-caching support by aggregate.

    • The aggregate-cache-images command is added to the CLI

    • The cache_images() method is added to the python API binding

Upgrade Notes

  • The --hint option for the boot command expects a key-value argument. Previously, if this was not the case, the argument would be silently ignored. It will now raise an error.

  • The following CLIs and their backing API bindings have been removed.

    • nova list-extensions

    • nova cell-capacities

    • nova cell-show

Bug Fixes

  • A check for a value of the ‘–config-drive’ option has been added on the nova boot command. A boolean value is only allowed in the option now.