Train Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The --hint option for the boot command expects a key-value argument. Previously, if this was not the case, the argument would be silently ignored. It will now raise an error.


New Features

  • Added support for microversion 2.78 which outputs the server NUMA topology information in the following command:

    • nova server-topology

    And associated python API bindings:

    • novaclient.v2.servers.Server.topology

    • novaclient.v2.servers.ServerManager.topology

  • Added support for microversion 2.79 which includes the following changes:

    • The --delete-on-termination option is added to the nova volume-attach CLI.

    • A DELETE ON TERMINATION column is added to the nova volume-attachments table.

    • New kwarg called delete_on_termination added to the python API binding:

      • novaclient.v2.volumes.VolumeManager.create_server_volume()


New Features

  • The --migration-type and --source-compute options are added to the nova migration-list CLI and related kwargs are added to the novaclient.v2.migrations.MigrationManager.list method. These can be used to filter the list of migrations by type (evacuation, live-migration, migration, resize) and the name of the source compute service host involved in the migration.

  • Added support for microversion 2.75. The following changes were made:

    • Return all fields of server in nova rebuild command which are returned in nova show. Both command will return the same set of fields of server representation.

    • Default return value of swap field will be 0 (integer) in below commands:

      • nova flavor-list

      • nova flavor-show

      • nova flavor-create

      • nova flavor-update

  • Support has been added for microversion 2.77. This microversion allows specifying an availability zone to unshelve a shelve offloaded server.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following properties have been removed.

    • novaclient.client.SessionClient

      • management_url

    • novaclient.v2.client.Client

      • projectid

      • tenant_id

    The following methods have been removed.

    • novaclient.client.get_client_class

    • novaclient.v2.client.Client

      • set_management_url

      • authenticate

    The novaclient.v2.client.Client.__enter__ method now raises the InvalidUsage runtime error.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following CLIs and their backing API bindings are deprecated.

    • nova list-extensions

    • nova cell-capacities

    • nova cell-show

    The CLIs and API bindings will be removed in the first major release after Nova 20.0.0 Train is released.


New Features

  • Support is added for the 2.74 microversion which allows specifying the --host and --hypervisor-hostname options on the nova boot command. The novaclient.v2.servers.ServerManager.create() method now also supports host and hypervisor_hostname parameters.


New Features

  • The method now accepts a detailed boolean kwarg which defaults to False but when True will search for the given hypervisor hostname match and return details about any matching hypervisors. Specifying detailed=True requires compute API version 2.53 or greater.


New Features

  • Added a --reason option to nova lock command that enables users to specify a reason when locking a server and a locked filtering/sorting option to nova list command which enables users to filter/sort servers based on their locked value in microversion 2.73.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated options have been removed.

    • --endpoint-override (Authentication option)

    • --instance-name (nova list command)