Stein Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • The --hint option for the boot command expects a key-value argument. Previously, if this was not the case, the argument would be silently ignored. It will now raise an error.


New Features

  • From microversion 2.69 the results of nova list, nova show and nova service-list may contain missing information in their outputs when there are partial infrastructure failure periods in the deployment. See Handling Down Cells for more information on the missing keys/info.

  • Added support for microversion 2.71 which outputs the server_groups field in the following commands:

    • nova show

    • nova rebuild

  • Support has been added for microversion 2.72. This microversion allows creating a server using the nova boot command with pre-existing ports having a resource_request value to enable features such as guaranteed minimum bandwidth for quality of service.

  • Added support for microversion 2.70 which outputs the Tag field in the following commands:

    • nova interface-list

    • nova interface-attach

    • nova volume-attachments

    • nova volume-attach

Upgrade Notes

  • Added support for microversion 2.68, which removes the --force option from the nova evacuate, nova live-migration, nova host-evacuate and nova host-evacuate-live commands.

  • The nova interface-attach command shows output of its result when it is successful.

  • The following methods return a NetworkInterface object instead of a Server object.

    • The interface_attach method in the novaclient.v2.Server class

    • The interface_attach method in the novaclient.v2.ServerManager class

Other Notes

  • The novaclient.v2.servers.Server.networks property method now returns an OrderedDict where the keys are sorted in natural (ascending) order. This means the nova show and nova list output will have predictable sort order on the networks attached to a server.


Upgrade Notes

  • All modules of novaclient.v2.contrib have been removed.

  • The only_contrib parameter for the novaclient.client.discover_extensions method is no longer valid.

Deprecation Notes

  • The --instance-name option has been deprecated from the nova list command because the instance name query parameter is ignored by the compute REST API.


New Features

  • Added support for microversion 2.66 which adds changes-before parameter to the servers, os-instance-actions or os-migrations APIs.

    • This parameter (changes-before) does not change any read-deleted behavior in the os-instance-actions or os-migrations APIs.

    • Like the changes-since filter, the changes-before filter will also return deleted servers.

    • The --changes-before options is added to the nova list, nova instance-action-list and nova migration-list CLIs.

  • Support is added for the 2.67 microversion which allows specifying a volume_type with the --block-device option on the nova boot command. The novaclient.v2.servers.ServerManager.create() method now also supports a volume_type entry in the block_device_mapping_v2 parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • The user data argument in the nova rebuild command was passing the filename as userdata. Now this passes the contents of the file as intended.