Xena Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added support for microversion 2.90. This microversion provides the ability to manually configure the instance hostname attribute when creating a new instance (nova boot --hostname HOSTNAME ...), updating an existing instance (nova update --hostname HOSTNAME ...), or rebuilding an existing instance (nova rebuild --hostname HOSTNAME). This attribute is published via the metadata service and config drive and can be used by init scripts such as cloud-init to configure the guest’s hostname.

  • Added support for microversion 2.89. This microversion removes the id field while adding the attachment_id and bdm_uuid fields to the responses of GET /servers/{server_id}/os-volume_attachments and GET /servers/{server_id}/os-volume_attachments/{volume_id} with these changes reflected in novaclient under the nova volume-attachments command.


New Features

  • Added support for microversion 2.88. The novaclient.v2.hypervisors.HypervisorManager.uptime method will now transparently switch between the /os-hypervisors/{id}/uptime API, which is deprecated in 2.88, and the /os-hypervisors/{id} API, which now includes uptime information, based on the microversion.

Deprecation Notes

  • The nova hypervisor-stats command and underlying novaclient.v2.hypervisors.HypervisorStatsManager.statistics API are deprecated starting in microversion 2.88 and will return an error starting on this version.