2023.1 Series Release Notes



This is the first release which supports Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). Some improvements to similify upgrade and allow more flexible tunings have been added.

New Features

  • Now storlets support Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish).

  • The following new options have been added to docker gateway.

    • sandbox_ping_interval

    • stop_linux_container_timeout

  • The following options of docker gateway now supports float values. Previously these options converted float values to integer values.

    • restart_linux_container_timeout

    • storlet_timeout

Upgrade Notes

  • Now a storlet application uses the default python (python3) unless it requires a specific minor version. Make sure the default python3 command is available in runtime images.

  • Default value of the default_docker_image_name option has been updated and now is set to storlet_engine_image. Please make sure this option is configured in case the previous image name should be used.



From this version, storlets no longer supports pyhton 2.7 and requires python 3.6 and later. Any deployment with python 2.7 should switch to python 3.6+ during upgrade.

Upgrade Notes

  • Support for python 2.7 has been removed. Python runtime should be upgraded to Python 3.6+ during upgrade.

  • A few dependent java packages have been updated to te latest versions.