Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Storlets now experimentally supports Python3 environment for user-code execution. With this stuff, Storlets supports the new API X-Object-Meta-Storlet-Language-Version that can be set by user with a value like 3.5.

Known Issues

  • The new Python3 execution has several restriction with minor versions so it should be improved in the next release cycle.

Upgrade Notes

  • To enable the new Python3 environment for Storlets users, administrator must re-create the execution container image to include the py3 runtime inside the container. This upgrade can work without downtime, what administrators should do to upgrade is to push the image to their own container registry.

Bug Fixes

  • Other various minor bug fixes.


Known Issues

  • Secure container isolation for Storlets environment is still an ongoing work. Storlets enables user-defined code to run on the OpenStack Swift node with Docker container isolation level but a malicious user would run any attacking code there using recent vulnerability. Using more secure container like kata may mitigate such a risk of vulnerability.

  • Support user function written by py3 (current runner only supports python2 env)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix all python Storlets daemon processes as py3 compatible.

  • Switch test runner from testr to stestr

  • Other various minor bug fixes